Thursday, April 28, 2011

In Season: Strawberries

I don't actually know if strawberries are still in season. I believe their time is waning. But they were in season a few weeks ago which is when I intended to write this post.

Peter and John and I went strawberry picking earlier this month and came home with 15 pounds of strawberries. Most of which are now frozen. And in about 10 days I ate strawberries at nearly every meal while trying 5 new recipes.

Here are the keepers:

Strawberry Orange Muffins
and, last week's pancakes, Strawberry Pancake Roll-ups. We will use the frozen strawberries all summer in smoothies.

Overall we enjoyed our strawberry picking experience. John, however, was not too keen on remaining in the carrier and grew a mite grumpy towards the end. But it was his nap time after all. And I think he gets his sleeping habits from his mother so I shan't judge. He did enjoy the spoils of his parents labor, though:

Are these not the cutest, most kissable cheeks ever?

One thing I learned is that you should pick the bright red strawberries and not the deep red ones. My picking strategy was governed by the knowledge that strawberries don't ripen after they are picked so you should pick ones that are fully red. This is true, but I picked the deep red ones that don't seem to have as much flavor. A pity to learn this lesson 15 pounds of strawberries after the fact. But when you do things like puree them with sugar and mix them with cream cheese, they really manage to come out quite nicely! They aren't bad but I'll know better for next time.

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