Friday, April 29, 2011

God Save the Queen...

... and all the princesses and their hats.

A friend of mine invited John and I over to watch to Royal Wedding. I was very happy because this was much less pathetic than me watching it by myself. I tried to find something suitable for John to wear to a Royal Wedding (viewing). But so far he hasn't acquired any baby clothes that approximate the uniform of a Colonel of the Irish Guards, for example. I settled for dressing him in Union Jack colors. Red, white and blue also happen to be the colors for about 40 other countries. But today it was in honor of William and Kate!

So, we sipped tea while we watched all the pomp and fanfare. I don't know what has come over me but I bought everything the royals were selling hook, line and sinker. Even though I have no idea what they do with their time since they no longer govern, I want them to stay around because they know how to put on a show! I thought it was a beautiful ceremony and procession.

I was particularly looking forward to seeing what kind of dress Kate would wear. She did not disappoint! Is she not the most elegant person ever to walk the earth? Speak now or forever hold your peace. That settles it, then!

Also, of course, I wanted to see all of the hats. There were some questionable choices:

These are my favorites:

It's like art on your head! Which ones do you like?

Philip Treacy is a famous milliner in London. I only learned that today when my friend told me that he outfitted many of the wedding guests. If he ever rolls out a line of hats for Target, I'm getting one in every color.

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Abby Fields said...

I love all of the different hats! :) The first picture though...what was the girl on the right thinking?? lol, right now I'm actually wondering how she was able to keep that thing on her head.