Thursday, April 14, 2011

Eleven Months Yesterday

I had a cute idea (or what I thought might be a cute idea) to make this 11 month update like a personal classified add. You know, like, baby John loves long rides in the stroller etc...But, never having written one, I consulted Google to get ideas for what one might place in a personal add. Then I quickly realized that perusing personal adds on the internet is not an edifying undertaking. So, I'll just have to tell you about baby John at eleven months in a boring list format. Better boring than illicit, amiright?

Baby John, 11 facts for 11 months:

1. He loves to be on the go. At the library's baby time he he quickly tires of playing with the other babies and the huge pile of toys and prefers crawling out the door into the main library. Perhaps this is the sign of a budding bibliophile?! Maybe the books offered in baby time are just not challenging enough and he's after some Dostoevsky. Since he can't yet verbalize, I'll have to wait a little while longer for an answer. After those first few steps he took at the Children's Museum a few weeks ago, he definitely hasn't taken off. He's still cruising along, standing by himself occasionally and taking a rare step but mostly crawling.

2. He LOVES to eat. And he will eat anything. It doesn't matter what it is as long as it's being shoveled down his gullet. I think he gets this from his dad. I've fed him some exotic things like chick pea curry, spicy polenta, cous cous and hummus. I've also fed him tame foods like lasagna, fajitas and oatmeal with fruit. He has eaten all of it with enthusiasm.

3. He has started grinding his five teeth (two on bottom, three on top) which produces a skin-crawling sound. This can't be good for his teeth but I'm pretty sure I'm powerless to stop it, right?

4. He is alarmed by white billowy things. Like trash bags. He yells every time I shake a new trash bag out before putting it in the trash can. I found it funny. Of all things to be alarmed by... trash bags?

5. On the other hand, he LOVES the vacuum cleaner. I think what he most likes is the air that it emits like a warm breeze. He happily follows me around, his hair blowing in the dust-laden wind. So, as soon as he can walk I'm going to put that child to work.

6. He likes pillow time. This is when I put pillows on the floor in the living room and he flops around on them. I didn't know that he liked flopping so much. I found this out quite by accident one day while cleaning. It's so cute! Now I kind of want to make him his own flopping pillow that maybe he can also use for lounging later on when we start showing him tv. But of course if I provide him with a flopping pillow, I will be ensuring that he will flop on everything except that pillow.

Pillow Time

7. I still haven't heard any clear words. He might be saying mama but I'm still not sure.

8. He's adopted the philosophy of most children in that when I want to sit still and hold him he prefers to move about. Yet when I want him to move about entertaining himself, he prefers to be held. To that end he employs this charming little maneuver that we have dubbed the wet noodle. When I'm holding him and he wants to get down he holds his arms up, goes limps and squirms.

Wet Noodle

9. His new thing with eating is biting the spoon and not letting me take it out of out of his mouth.

10. He shuffles around with this walker like a little old fellow. But he has become much more adept at it over the last month or so. And he loves to play with his house. He thinks it's hilarious when I crawl through the door. And, I'm sure it is hilarious. It's quite and undertaking to squeeze through there. (I bought both of those toys at a garage sale!)

11. He likes touch and feel books and will usually follow my injunctions to "pet furry Clifford."

And here's a bonus fact for you:

12. Every night before he goes to bed, we sneak in and look at him. Often we touch his face or his belly. Sometimes he wakes up. But we don't stop doing it because we're selfish and we miss him when he's asleep!

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