Saturday, April 09, 2011

Awkward Family Photos

Thursday evening I arduously waded through almost every single picture we've taken since John was born. Snapfish had emailed me a coupon for 111 prints for $1.11. Normally I like looking at pictures of John. But this task became tedious. I had to stop for several snack breaks.

Since he will be a year soon I was trying to choose a selection from his first year so that I can make a baby book. That's right, he's almost one and I haven't started a baby book. For most people, I think, this level of neglect in documentation usually comes with subsequent children. For me, this may mean that for future offspring I just reprint pictures of John and tell them that they all looked alike in babyhood.

Never did it occur to me that I didn't really have to look through every single picture. I could have just searched here and there looking for significant milestones or holidays, etc. I tend to get carried away. In the end when I submitted my order Snapfish wouldn't except my coupon code. I've emailed them hoping that they will rectify the situation. I hope I didn't look through nearly 1,000 pictures for nothing! Of course, I could still order them without the coupon but, being cheap, I was only wanting to pay $1.11.

Anyways, while searching, I found a few gems of the awkward family photo variety:

I'm not sure what's going on here. I'm the only one looking at the camera and my sister seems to have taken a liking to the scarecrow.

This is what happens when dad dresses the baby. I dont' take pride in matchy-matchy baby clothes. All of our clothes for John are hand-me-downs. Which I am completely happy with! I work with what I've got. Yet even I tend to eschew the turtleneck/shorts combination.

And from this morning, a cute case of bedhead. People pay good money for the "bed head" look, you know. But baby John doesn't even have to visit a salon or use product!

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Dee said...

Leslie, you do know don't you that I'd Luuuuuuv to help you do an easy photo album for John!?