Wednesday, April 27, 2011

After Easter

I read a really great post on this blog about the Monday after Easter Sunday. We all need "everyday" days and "especially" days. Perhaps we know this intuitively- everyone likes to have a celebration!- but we also know this is true because God ordained many "especially" days to punctuate the "everyday" days for His people, the Israelites. He instituted feasts that would help them to remember what He had done for them, from bringing them out of slavery in Egypt to providing for them while wandering in the desert waiting to enter the promised land. We need those same reminders now. We need days to step out of the ordinary and remember, reflect and celebrate God and His gifts in our lives. And, if you're like me, sometimes the anticipation of the holiday and the felicity of celebration can recede into a kind of bereft feeling as the "especially" days fade and the everyday routines take over. But, thankfully, to quote from the blog:

In "Abounding Works" Nancy rejoices that "The good news continues to be good news from one morning to the next. So, even though I'm mopping up from the feasting, the rejoicing extends from one Sunday to the next, all year long."

Throughout the ordinary and extraordinary days, the resurrection, and its attending joy, is true all year long!

And also, I have to include some cute John pictures since that's what you all came to see!

Above he has trapped himself in a cabinet. He crawled in there and then began to cry for help when he couldn't back himself out. I, being the sympathetic mother that I am, went to get the camera to take a picture before rendering aid.

If you can tell me that you wouldn't eat this face up, you must have a heart of reinforced titanium steel with spikes on it!

He is really interested in climbing. You can't quite tell that he's climbed on anything except in the first picture. He has scaled a shelf that sits on our floor that is probably 18 inches high. I'm surprised that he's climbing like this. I mean, it's no Mt. Everest but the boy can't even walk yet! Is this normal pre-toddler behavior or is this the prelude to a china cabinet-climbing, ceiling fan-swinging monkey toddler? Peter is thrilled because he understands this to mean that John will enjoy climbing mountains. I also like to climb mountains so I wouldn't be disappointed if this were the case. Yet I'm wary because the house is not a mountain to be scaled. And, in fact, there are no mountains in close proximity to Houston. So, I suppose he'll just have to be one of those kids who climbs up the slide the wrong way much to the chagrin of all of the other children on the playground.

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