Tuesday, March 01, 2011

For you, blog friends, one billion white roses

I meant to get this in during luuuuuv month. But we have been on vacation in San Antonio where I unintentionally became remiss with my blogging. Since it was the week leading up to the Academy Awards, there were Oscar-winning movies playing all day and all night on TCM and AMC. So, I was very, very busy with cinematic pursuits. (And that's the reason we will never have cable.)

Anyways, I wanted to share this lovely (at least potentially lovely) rose cake idea with you. The original with a tutorial is here. Mine did not turn out quite so elegant or wedding-worthy. But because I kept my expectations near rock bottom (as I usually do with crafty baking projects), I was still pleased with the outcome:

When asked how it looked Peter diplomatically replied: "Some look like roses, some look more like....spirals." Fair enough! I think the icing tip was bigger on the original in the tutorial because her roses were a lot larger than I could make mine. I would definitely try this again. I especially loved the icing recipe that is included with the tutorial which is on the blog I am baker. This blog will make you want to quit your day job, mortgage your house and open a bakery (at least that is the effect it has on me). You will probably also drool all over your keyboard. She has some gorgeous, delicious ideas. She is also a mother of two which makes me wonder if she is also a robot. How does she do it?!

I'm not looking to be the Cake Boss or anything, but I love the idea of knowing how to make pretty cakes for showers and parties and birthdays, and what have you (Is there ever a reason not to have cake?). I'm going to try and practice here and there to get my baking skillz up to snuff.

So, I give these billions of white roses to you, readers. There might not be billions on the cake itself. But when you take into account the number that I wiped off and then redid, I'm sure it comes close to ten figures (I think that's the number of figures in a billion).

Even though you can't gustatorily share in these delicious white roses, I do want to give you a gift. Well, at least one of you. Also, I'm curious as to who is reading here this these days. So, if you leave me a comment telling me something that you luuuuuv, I will draw one name and send you a copy of Treasuring God in Our Traditions, one of my beloved books from January's reading. (If only a few of you leave a comment, then you might all get one!) Or if you don't want that, perhaps you would like a Chick-fil-a coupon? I'll think of something. I'd just like to know who's out there so tell me hello!

And stay tuned because this month my theme is going to be leprechauns. ;o)


Dee said...

I luuuuuuv leprechauns!

Jill said...

Gorgeous cake! And I LOVE my new baby girly--especially in things like the hat her mama's friend Leslie lovingly made for her!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Leslie!! I am here - a faithful reader and fan of you as always!! Keep up the good work. Terry

Daniele said...

Hmmm....does Pete know that you are trying to give away his hard earned Chik Fil A coupons?? Shame, Shame!! ;)

Dawn said...

Hey Leslie girl, I am always here soaking up all your wisdom. I love the pictures of Baby John of course, but your writing is absolutely wonderful, you have such a wonderful way of getting your reader wanting more. I check your blog daily, its part of my morning routine, so keep it up I love every word! Dawn

Vanessa Rogers said...

You are so right, I can't stop looking at that site. It does make me want to quit my job to be a baker!