Sunday, March 13, 2011

10 Months!

Today John is 10 months old. If I had to use one word to describe this month for him it would be poop. Or perhaps, more accurately, diaper rash. But that may be the subject of another post. Instead I want to talk about some of his more pleasant accomplishments of this month.

He continues to pull up and cruise around. And now he has started standing unassisted but only for a few seconds at a time. And though he has not started walking, he has started climbing. When we were in San Antonio at my mom's house, which has stairs, he showed himself quite adept at ascending them. And once or twice he's actually stood up on a step stool that we have at our house. So when he does develop the independence to walk on his own I think he will be a tour de force of gross motor skills.

He has started giving kisses, but not readily. He is very stingy with them but will usually give in to my relentless nagging and finally plant one on my cheek around the 10th rendition of "can mama have a kiss?" These kisses are quite... enthusiastic, shall we say? I love to get them but it's not so much a kiss as an onslaught of saliva and sometimes snot. But they are so precious to me!

He has the wave down, sort of. He doesn't always do it in the proper context but he's catching on. He at least knows that when he waves he's likely to get lots of attention. Which he does. He frequently waves to people in public and then basks in the attending responses of "oohs" and "ahhhs" and "aren't you a happy boys?".

He's grown enough hair to have bedhead in the morning. An inconsequential but cute accomplishment, I think.

He is the happiest baby ever. I suppose I've not met all the babies in the world but I'm pretty sure that he would be in the top 10. He's so easy going, he smiles nearly non stop, he does great on our schedule but he's not tied to it, he eats anything, he goes to sleep without a complaint, he's not shy of strangers but loves to be around other people. He makes me simultaneously want another baby but also wonder if we should quit while we're ahead. Which we will definitely not do. We want more children but I wonder what are the chances that I will have another baby that is so easy? Could I love a grumpy baby? It's a joy to love a happy one. But I know it is possible to love a grumpy baby because my parents loved me! And Peter's parents loved him! So it can be done! But I'd still prefer another happy baby... though it's definitely not worth worrying over, I really have no say in the matter. In the profoundly wise words of my mother in law: "You get what you get and don't throw a fit."


While We Wait said...

What a cutie pie, Leslie. He's looking so different now. He's changed a lot in the last month or two, I think! Growing up!!!

Peter and Leslie said...

Thanks, Jill! He is changing. I get frequent comments about how he's lengthening out. He is growing up!