Friday, February 04, 2011

The Second Thing About Luuuuuv

The second thing about love is that sometimes it makes you do crazy things that you might not do if you weren't blinded by passion.

Peter loves free food. (Between his love for food and my love for frosting, you would think that we would both be more rotund than we are...) And at times he will go to lengths to get it. Rarely have his sacrifices for freebies surpassed inconvenience. He might have to linger at work in the evening listening to a lecture to get free dinner, for example. But Wednesday night he went to lengths that surprised even me.

A few friends of ours were going to camp out over night at a Chick-Fil-A opening from 6 am on Wednesday until 6 am Thursday. Apparently when that store opens they let 100 people camp in their parking lot. Those who stay for 24 hours get a year's worth of free chicken sandwiches (52 coupons).

This all sounds nice and good except for the fact that we are having hard freezes and high winds.

Peter has some cold-weather camping gear which we lent to our friends to help them endure unto the end. We gave them our mummy sleeping bags, a 4-season tent, and our camping pads (pads that go under the sleeping bag cushioning you from the hard, unmerciful ground. Please, don't go camping without one).

Then yesterday evening I called one of our friends to see how they were holding up. They were doing fine. She also mentioned that there was still space left because 100 people hadn't shown up at 6 am and a few had left (I can't imagine why.). I relayed this information to Peter. I could immediately see the gears turning in his head. He couldn't have gone for 24 hours because he had to work, but he could go spend the night and still get the coupons.

"Leslie, that's like $300 worth of free food!" he said, his eyes lighting up.

"Indeed" I replied, unimpressed.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not one to turn my nose up at free food. But, for some strange reason, this did not sound like a good idea to me.

So, I left him to work out the details with our friends who were already camping while I went to exercise. I didn't think he'd do it. Especially not since we'd lent out all of our cold-weather gear. He only had long underwear left to keep him warm!

I was wrong. I called him on my way home and he was on his way to Chick-Fil-A without a sleeping bag, mattress pad or tent (but with his long underwear on!). There was room for him in one of the other tents, so he didn't have to sleep outside and he did have a few blankets. But I still don't know how he managed to stay warm (though he assured me that he did.).

And for spending an uncomfortable, frosty night on the unyielding ground of a Chick-Fil-A parking lot, he has 52 coupons for free chicken sandwiches to show! He was happy with the outcome. And I suppose this will be the Year of Chick-Fil-A in our house!

To paraphrase a quote from Shakespeare:

"Love looks not with the eyes, but with the {stomach};
And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind."
- A Midsummer Night's Dream


Rachel said...

Wow, that's some dedication. Great job, Peter. Enjoy those sandwiches!

Jill said...

Very well-written as always, my friend! So fun to hear your stories.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Peter!! I am impressed. I too love free food (I eat at Carole's as often as I can). Terry

Peter and Leslie said...

Rachel- We went to chick-fil-a on Saturday! I doubt the coupons will last all year.

Jill- thanks for the complement. Your BIL David was one of the ones that braved the weather in pursuit of chicken.

Terry- I love it when you come to mom's house for dinner! I also try to get as much free food as possible when I'm in town. :o)

Anonymous said...

I was looking at Adam's photos of the event on Facebook. And I just couldn't believe my eyes when I saw PETER there?!!! :) Too funny. This will be a story to tell for years to come.