Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Happy February to you all! And what a month it is. When you hear the word February, don't you just think pink and lace paper hearts? Perhaps it's just me. It's the month of luuuuuuuuv! Don't you just love luuuuuuuv?

Actually, I think love is a strange word in our language. In other languages there are different words to describe various types of love. In English, however, I can say that I love Peter and I love frosting. And, to someone observing on a technical level, it would appear that perhaps I could have married a can of frosting and been just as happy (which, I'll admit, might come close to the truth in my case).

Since Nestle and Hallmark saw fit to fill this void in our lives between Christmas and Easter with Valentine's Day, I'm going to make luuuuuuuv the theme of my posts this month. I don't really know where this will go, but it seems like it could be fun. :o)

I've always enjoyed Valentine's Day. Even when I was single. I will not dismiss a holiday (as silly and consumer-motivated as it might be) that promotes the eating of chocolate!

Much luuuuuv to you all and hopefully I'll be able to think of some lovely things to write here this month. (Though, I know most of you only come for the pictures.)

Totally unrelated: When you come to this blog and it looks stupid (now, for example), I would just like you all to know that I know that it looks stupid. I am simply incapable of fixing it. I'm inept at most computer-y type things. I'm thankful enough that I can turn one on (because with many electronics, I can't even get that far). I'm trying to learn some design skills for the blog but it is very far from the top of my list of priorities.

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Jillian said...

Hey, crazy person! Your blog is far from stupid-looking. In fact it is adorable! Of course, what makes it MOST adorable is your personality all over it! Hope Peter is not offended that you might be just as happy with a can of frosting! :) That can of frosting could not produce another snugglicious baby for ya, though. Gotta have a hubby for that one! :)