Thursday, February 03, 2011

The first thing about luuuuuuv

whipped topping dollops

The first thing about love is that it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. But when you're hubby is working long hours and it's freezing outside, sometimes you may need a little help. Enter: hot chocolate.

I love hot chocolate. I love drinking hot drinks of all kinds, coffee, wassail, tea. The problem is that I live in Houston. It's quite a rare thing here to get the right combination of cold weather and hot drinks so that you can appreciate them both simultaneously, each enhanced by the other. Usually, I just end up drinking the hot drinks and sweating through it.

Today, it was unquestionably a day for hot chocolate. It is cold, lows in the 20's. (The forecasters are predicting a "wintry mix" for tomorrow night. I don't know what that is but doesn't it sound delightful? I'm told it might mean snow!). So, I invited some friends over for some hot chocolate. Unfortunately, what didn't line up today was other people's schedules. Only one person could make it. But since I spend my winters here just waiting for the next time I can drink hot chocolate when it's cold, I decided to go ahead and do it up big.

I made this hot chocolate. This was really tasty. There might be better hot chocolate recipes out there with less high fructose corn syrup. But what I was really excited about were the whipped topping dollops that accompanied the hot chocolate. I think these are precious, precious, precious! I definitely hope to make them again. I used heath bars, cinnamon, and shaved Andes mints as toppings.

My friend and I had a lovely time and since there were only two of us, I have some leftover hot chocolate. It will hopefully get us to the weekend. Then the weather will warm up and we'll have to make some lemonade and go work on our tans. Such is a Texas winter.

I hope you all are staying warm and fuzzy!

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