Monday, February 28, 2011

Everyone Loves Baby John

John being lavished with attention. He's even kind of like "Ladies, can I have some space here? There's only so much of me to go around!"

When I became pregnant with John, I was unsure of the reception that I would get from some of my family and friends. I was worried that my mother wasn't ready to be a grandmother since she is only 29 ( she has been 29 for a few years). Not many 29 year olds are prepared for the rigorous doting that grandmotherhood requires. My sister has a very demanding academic and social schedule. And some of my closest friends are ambitious career people and world travelers.

I was uncertain how they would feel about a baby.

I'm not trying to imply that my family and friends are ogres who eat small children for breakfast. This was more my lack of faith than anything about them.

I couldn't have been more wrong about their response. I have been wonderfully surprised by the love that has been lavished on my son. (True, who could resist John?!)

My sister is so good with him. She holds him and plays with him and is a good sport when he gets a death-grip on her hair. When I am in San Antonio, all of her friends come over asking to see him and commenting on all of the pictures that she has posted of him on facebook. They even want to peek in on him when he's sleeping. And though she usually is too busy to answer when I call, she does have time to text me asking about baby John.

My friends love him as well and have been nothing but supportive and excited. They buy him stylish hipster-type gifts and bid me give him many kisses on their behalf in their absence. You should see how they break out the cameras when they're around him. You would think Brangelina was in the room.

And my mother, John has won her over. She doesn't even hold it against him that he gave her a title that is boasted mostly by old people (of which my mother is definitely not- let me remind you, she is only 29). She definitely likes John better than she likes me. And this is okay with me, provided that I can still stay at her house when baby John comes to visit. This was evident one night a few months ago when I was visiting San Antonio. She and I were both leaving town the next morning. As she went to bed she said "John is so sweet! Tell Baby John (who was already asleep) goodnight and goodbye for me!" Then she retreated to her room.

"Mom! Mooooom!", I called after her, "You didn't say goodbye and goodnight to me! You just told me to tell baby John goodbye and goodnight! Surely you still must have some regard for me I am Baby John's mother, after all!"

She soon rectified this with goodnights, goodbyes, hugs and kisses all around. But it's obvious to me that I must stay in Baby John's good graces. If not, I fear I'll get written out of the will.

I've been surprised by the way that this outpouring of love towards John has affected me. I feel so loved because he is so loved. I don't quite understand it and I feel that I'm only at the tip of the iceberg of something that I can't even explain. All I can say is that the love shown towards him has been so affirming to me in a way that I didn't even know that I needed affirmation. And I'm grateful for it.

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Vanessa Rogers said...

It's true- I do LUUUUUUVVV baby John. I'm sad that by the time we will return to the states, he will no longer REALLY be a baby. I hope you are remembering to show him his daily picture of his auntie and uncie living far far away so that he never forgets us.