Sunday, February 13, 2011

Baby John: 9 months of Luuuuuuuv

John turned nine months today and I cannot believe how the time has flown. He's knocking on the door of a year! It has been a while since I interviewed him so I sat down with him to get his take on life so far:

Mom (M): Baby John, thank you for taking the time to chat with me! I wanted to check in with you about what's going on as you approach your first birthday. What kinds of things are you doing?

It's getting harder to take pictures because he's always going after the camera

Baby John (BJ): Well, around six months, in a span of about a month, I learned to sit, crawl and pull up. And I've pretty much held steady since then. Though I am getting ever bolder regarding the distances I will crawl. I love to explore!

I'm also using a lot more consonant sounds in speech. I've been saying da da for a while and I know you are anxiously awaiting the ma ma. My receptive language is developing. I recognize my name and the word no (a tiresome word I've heard many times lately...).

I am thisclose to being able to wave hello! I'm also working on other signs like, eat, up, more, and please. I can't do these yet but I assume since you say them to me millions of times per day, I'll probably catch on soon.

I'm also working on my sense of entitlement. I really feel that if I want something, then it should be mine. I know this is an area where we tend to disagree. Hey! Let's agree to disagree, amirite?

For his nine month birthday we got him a car!

M: That's cute but I don't quite abide by the "agree to disagree" philosophy in this case. We'll revisit this more in the coming years, I'm sure. Since you are so accomplished at pulling up, when do you think you will walk?

BJ: You know mom, I really can't say. As long as I can hold onto something I can outstand anyone in line at the post office. It's the moving of my feet that eludes me. I don't know how you guys do it walking around on two feet all day!

M: It does have its challenges! But I'm curious, Baby John, what is the worst thing that can happen to you on any given day?

BJ: I'd definitely have to say nose wiping for this one. When you try to wipe the snot off from underneath my nose it sends me into back-arching, head-wagging paroxysms of despair!

Actually, that's not true. He was "helping" his dad clean out the car.

M: I've noticed. And why do you think this is?

BJ: Mom, I really can't answer that. There are several services rendered me throughout the day that I fail to appreciate. Changing my diaper and clothes are are other examples. Even though you insist that having a diaper change is far preferable to sitting in my own urine, sometimes it just irks me! I guess these things just take time out of my day that I could be having fun.

M: And what fun things do you like to do during your day?

BJ: I'm so glad you asked! I really like to be out and about. I usually get lots of attention, which I also love. Everyone always comments on how happy I am! Which, is 99% true but they don't know how cranky I can be sometimes when it's just you and me at home and I'm bored and tired.

I like being around people, I go to the nursery at church and also at the Y and I love both those places and they love me as well! I also like to go to baby time at the library. I love interacting with my peers there, they are often convenient for me to chew or pull up on.

I mostly love to be with you and dad, singing songs, reading books, playing toys, being thrown up in the air and caught, jogging, playing peek-a-boo. All sorts of things! But I don't like to sit still for very long, that's for sure!

M: I'm so glad that you are happy doing so many things! It is a joy for me to spend my days with you and it only gets better and better! Happy 9 month birthday! And, of course, never forget that I luuuuuuuuuuuuv you!

"One of the greatest pleasures in my life is paper."

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