Sunday, January 23, 2011

I need you to divulge your secrets

Before I had a child I read the blogs of a few of my parent friends where I occasionally encountered some advice that I stored away in my little brain for later use. Now that I have a snuggle bunches of oats, I've been able to put into practice a few of the parenting gems that I had read about. For example, I read a recommendation to layer the crib mattress with a sheet then a waterproof crib pad, then another sheet. That way if there were any blowouts in the middle of the night (or anytime, I suppose) I could simply strip the top sheet and crib pad and still have a clean sheet on the bottom to lay my baby back down to sleep. This served me well early this morning when I went to check on John who was crying and found that he had soiled his sheets in a delightful shade of beet- which he had eaten the night before. If you've ever had to change crib sheets, you know this is not a fun middle-of-the-night activity. It's more difficult than it sounds. For me, I have to completely remove the mattress from the crib. So, I was very thankful for the layering early this morning.

John is experiencing some diarrhea at the moment. My current thought is that it is some sort of food intolerance rather than sickness. Because, other than poop leaking out of his diaper, he has no symptoms of being ill. He's not fussy, lacking energy, he has no fever. He's his normal, amiable self- except for the frequent, liquidy BM's. (I know this is more than you ever wanted to know...). I'm cutting back all of his food except for rice cereal and breastmilk until I can get to the bottom of this.

Anyways, the messes I've faced with this bout of diarrhea haven't been that bad. A few soiled sheets and onesies- I can deal with that! But I got to thinking, babies, they are not cleanly folk. They are prone to ooze secretions (sometimes from multiple orifices simultaneously) and rather than tidy up, they are masters at de-shelving, taking out and pulling down things which have been neatly put away. I know that we will face more illness around here as the years go by. So here is where I want the secrets to come out. I am wondering if any of you have any practices that you use during those times when you have children spewing nastiness from both ends. Do you have tips, like the handy sheet-crib pad- sheet tip, that keep you from having to go out and buy a canoe so that you can navigate the rivers of you-know-what in your house?

I'm all ears.

I will say that parenting on the whole, thus far, has not been as messy as I expected. Does it get messier or less messy the older they get? (I'm betting on messier because there's more mobility involved which opens up opportunities for trailing messes far and wide, am I right?)


Rachel said...

It definitely gets messier! I'm sorry he is having some bad BMs, but definitely keep with the breastfeeding, if nothing else. He will stay plenty hydrated and nourished that way. I don't have any great tips, but for some reason, my kids almost always vomit on their pillows (they almost always vomit in the middle of the night, too), and they don't make waterproof pillow covers (that would be nice and hot, huh?). So I just buy the cheap 2/$8 pillows and throw them away if they get vomit on them. No loss.

Anonymous said...

Teething causes diarrhea. Don't understand the connection, but sometimes that is the result.

Peter and Leslie said...

I thought you might have more tips! Because it was from your blog that I got the mattress pad layering tip. :o)But I'll have to remember the cheap pillow info for when he starts using pillows.

Anonymous (Terry?),
I have also heard that about teething. He did just cut a tooth. I just hope the diarrhea clears up before all 32 (is that the right number?) of them come in!