Friday, January 07, 2011

Happy New Year!

I hope you all rung in the new year with panache! I did not. My New Year's Eve was spectacularly quaint (but enjoyable to me). I did something that makes me wonder if I'm actually an 80 year-old in the body of a 20-something. I went to eat tamales and watch fireworks with some friends who were in town (Peter was at work). I think this was a young, hip thing to do (do the kids still watch real fireworks these days? Or is there an app that makes such entertainment obsolete? Or perhaps they do Wii fireworks?). But I came home around 10 pm and greeted 2011 watching The Importance of Being Earnest while crocheting a cowl for a friend. The cowl being her Christmas present that I hadn't yet finished. But I did stay up frightfully late (2 am) so perhaps I'm not quite 80 yet.

January just feels so clean and new! I'm not usually one for New Year's resolutions. But as I've gotten older and taken on more responsibilities I've become more type A (read: crazy). So this year I have a to-do list of bajillions of goals for 2011 (I can scarcely brush my own teeth these days without a to-do list). But my type B self (read: fun and fancy-free) is still alive and well and will ensure that most of them don't get accomplished. It's a balancing act, indeed!

There are three resolutions, that I am taking very seriously. I think that if I carry them out they will add more time to my day and help me waste less time. They are:

1) Get up at 5:30- 6 am (so far it's been 6 but I think 5:30 would be ideal)
2) Follow daily Bible reading plan
3) Check email only once per day after 7 pm when John goes to sleep

#3 is going swimmingly and I am wasting a lot less time. My hotmail account signs out to MSN and I tend to get absorbed in headlines and articles on that sight. No more! I already feel like I'm making much better use of my time.

#2 Also going swimmingly. Not behind yet on this the 7th day of January! The purpose of this daily Bible reading is to read the entire Bible in a year. I've only done this once successfully. But I think it's probably a good thing for me to do every few years. My church is doing a Bible reading by genre plan. You can find it here if you want to join in! Following this plan you can read a smorgasbord of Bible during the week. For example, this first week we read from Matthew, Genesis, Joshua, Psalms, Job, Isaiah and Romans.

#1 Is going to take a miracle. I've done it twice. And it is like clash of the titans in my head every morning. I love my sleep. But those two days went really well! I can get a lot done in those uninterrupted hours. Most importantly, Bible reading.

If you think about me throughout this year you can say a little prayer that, by God's grace and with much miracle working on His part, I'll be faithful to these goals. You can also leave comments like "Leslie, are you keeping your resolutions or are you acting like a pagan sluggard?!".

Happy New Year to you all!

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