Friday, January 28, 2011

The Best Things About Having a Sick Baby

I have a sick baby. This morning he spiked a low grade fever and then in the afternoon, it rose to 101.4. He doesn't feel well. And it tugs at my heart to see him in such a pitiful state! Things aren't too serious. I spoke to the pediatrician's office and since he's eating, peeing, and the fever is amenable to tylenol, we're just waiting it out.

He goes back and forth between pitiful and cheerful. After his fever early in the afternoon, he rallied post nap and enjoyed scattering tupperware far and wide in the kitchen. But then he sunk into a listless daze and I put him to sleep.

I, of course, am not happy that he is ill, nor would I ever wish him to be sick but there is a silver lining: First of all, he has taken two two hour naps both yesterday and today. Hello, free time! The second is that he has been so snugly! Since the day he learned to roll over, his main purpose in life has been to quickly occupy any space which he is not presently occupying. Today, however, he willingly rocked with me, sat in my lap, and fell asleep in my arms twice.

I am praying that he will recover quickly and that he doesn't get any worse. But I'll take all the snuggling I can get.

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