Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

What? Father's Day wasn't yesterday? Well, better late than never, I suppose. I couldn't pull it together two Sundays ago. So we celebrated yesterday. Peter is always saying how much he loves french toast. So I thought "Hey! I should make some for him!" It was one of my brighter ideas. (That's why they pay me the big bucks.) So I made coconut french toast which we ate before church and both thought was delicious.

So glad he's the father of my child! (Still working on paint colors in the dining room as you can see.)

The little man who made this belated father's day celebration possible. Clearly in a celebrating mood. And look! The there's Theodore in the background! The cats are still around up to their usual shenanagins.

John is doing well and growing like a marshmellow that you put in the microwave and watch it expand into all of its delectable, obtuse glory. He's nearly busting out of his size 1 diapers. He's constantly sporting a case of muffin top when he wears them. Though he still fits into newborn clothes. Despite all of this, I constantly worry whether he's getting enough food. I've heard several disconcerting stories from friends who had milk supply issues. Since you never know exactly how much they're getting when you breastfeed, I've been a bit paranoid about it since he was born.

Muffin Top Belly

Kissable cheeks.

Yesterday in church he spit up all over Peter nearly from head to toe. It was hilarious. But then I was concerned that his feeding previous to the vomiting didn't count because it was now soaking into Peter's clothes. And I don't want my boy to starve! So I was expressing my concern to Peter and he said: "Love, he's fat. Stop worrying about it. He is fat."

True. He could probably survive a while on his cheek chub alone.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sweet Smiles


I'm not sure that he's totally conscious of what he's doing. Regardless, he's a heart-melter!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Please tell me I'm not the only one

First of all, I am brushing my teeth for the first time today at 8 pm. Yikes! It just kind of slipped through the cracks with everything we had going on today. There were people here fixing some electrical problems nearly all day and little J decided to boycott his naps for the most part. So personal hygiene got pushed to the back burner, unfortunately.

I had two goals today. 1) Go to the grocery store. 2) Get Houston Public Library card. (In the future I should probably add brushing teeth so that it doesn't get overlooked again.) Well I accomplished both of my goals but it was rather arduous.

First to the store. At first John was asleep and things were going swimmingly. Then he woke up. (He's usually such a pleasant baby which I know everyone says about their own child and no one believes! But seriously, right now he's sitting in his bouncy seat looking like a fat little cherub.) Apparently he had some significant emotional problems the weight of which came to a head in Whole Foods. He was unable to continue on without a cathartic crying episode.

He wasn't hungry. He was probably tired. To which I said "don't cry, just go back to sleep." But babies, I've found, are not usually amenable to such logic. So, he continued crying. And I continued shopping trying to avoid eye contact with everyone knowing that they would either be irritated with me or pitying me. I was a little embarrassed. On the plus side, our checker worked super fast to get us out of that store!

After that I put him in the car and he fell asleep. The library is on the way home from the store so I stubbornly decided to go get that library card. I probably shouldn't have done that because I knew (or at least highly suspected) he would start crying when we got out of the car but I only had two goals for the day and I thought it would be ridiculous if I only accomplished 50% of them! Plus I've been itching to get several books about (guess what??) infants.

So in we went to the library and of course he starts crying and I'm all "Oh, I'm so sorry, he never does this!" And then a nice lady came and jingled some keys in front of him and all of his problems vanished into the ether.

So despite some touch and go moments, I suppose the day was overall a success. I did get something accomplished. And everyday with my little man is fun because he's so snugglicious. :o)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Baby John is 1 month!

Happy one month little J! John turned 1 month on Sunday June 13th. We went out for celebratory breakfast with my mom and sister. John slept through the entire thing which was quite nice for me. I got to eat all my pancakes in peace.

I've heard people say when their children are born how they are overcome with love for this brand new little person that they've just met. It wasn't exactly like that for me. On the day he was born of course I loved him but I felt so tentative. I didn't know what I was doing (still don't) and I felt like I didn't really know the baby. But each day since then I have grown more and more enchanted with him. And now I just can't get enough of him. (Though, admittedly, I do get excited when he goes down for a nap...) Every little thing he does from burping to filling his diaper to holding his head up is so exciting for me.

Sometimes I think that I don't want him to change because I love him so much right now that I want to keep him as he is. These newborn days are so precious. But I know he can't remain a little, helpless sugar lump forever. And I'm sure that as he grows each milestone will cause me to marvel anew.

(I know this is dripping with sentimentality like a bad hallmark card. Some of you probably threw up in your mouth a little. But what can I say? We're so happy!)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Parenting tips by Leslie (when I get enough of these, I'm going to write a book.)

It's helpful to have some sort of nightlight in your room. That way in the middle of the dark night you can see how cute your baby is and you (and by you I mean I) won't get so frustrated by the nocturnal fussing.

(Really, he's so cute that I can't stop kissing his little face even when he's crying his head off. )

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Not without a hitch

I am not naturally a planner or list maker. The farthest thing from a type A personality. The first time I made a list was about 3 months ago when I was working full time, preparing to have a baby and for a cross country move and I knew that if I was not organized, things might get pretty miserable.

We are in San Antonio this weekend for Peter's sister's wedding. Knowing what I wrote above you might find it hard to believe that I had three plans (three plans!) for coordinating John's eating schedule so that we could get to the wedding on time and make it through the ceremony without any starvation breakdowns (John's interpretation of the word"starvation" is rather loose...). It is more difficult than you might think to work anything on a rigid time table into an infant's feeding schedule. But I thought between plans A, B and C, certainly one of them would work. Ha. Now I know that an entire alphabet worth of plans will guarantee nothing as far as infant schedules go.

My first plan was to leave my mother's house at 5:30 pm, arrive at the wedding venue at 6 pm and feed him right before the ceremony which was to begin at 6:30. This plan was rendered null and void. Surprisingly, it was not ruined by any difficulties getting the baby and myself ready and out of the house on time but rather by my beloved little sister who required extra primping time (hi, Diana! You did look great....) then we had to go pick up her boyfriend. We ended up leaving at 6 pm.

No problem. John usually falls asleep in the car. We will arrive just before the wedding starts and hopefully he will stay asleep throughout the ceremony. This was plan B. He was very angry for a while in the car so I was hoping he would tire himself out and get into a nice deep sleep. Sure enough he did fall asleep. Until, of course, the car stopped and his eyes popped wide open. Yet he still maintained his cool as we sat down and the procession began. The ceremony was not supposed to be long so I thought he just might hold out until the end and then I would feed him.

Plan B also crumbled when little J began squirming and fussing right as the preacher started with his "dearly beloveds." I quickly picked him up out of his carrier. Plan C was to breastfeed him right there in the back row so that I could still see the ceremony. This was my least favorite idea since it would require me to nonchalantly partially disrobe with a writhing, rooting infant in my lap while wearing a nursing cover which would be really hot since we were outside. This idea also evaporated when I picked John up and felt that he had extravagantly messed his pants. There was a yellow puddle of poop in his car seat, it was soaking through his onesie and threatening to soil everything within a 15 foot radius.

So, I whisked him away into the mansion where the reception was to take place. Of course the first bathroom I found was a little hobbit hovel in which I could barely turn around let alone change and feed the baby. So, resorted to changing him on one of the expensive looking chairs. Thankfully there were no bodily fluids spilled there during that process. I then started to feed him still hoping that I could make it out for the end of the ceremony. But before the milk buffet had even gotten underway, I noticed people wandering outside over to the hors d'oeuvres. The ceremony was only 15 minutes. I only needed 15 minutes. John was a little angel before and after the ceremony. But the 15 minutes of the day that I had planned for were the only 15 minutes of the day complicated by John's hunger combined with a diaper blowout.

I was hoping with all my planning that we would make it through the ceremony without a hitch. Which of course didn't happen. But thankfully the only hitching that mattered went on beautifully!

Monday, June 07, 2010


It has been a while since I've posted on here or done anything for the computer for that matter.

We've been without internet for the week that we've been here. And perhaps it's sad to say but we have been almost helpless without it. It's amazing how dependent we are on technology. Peter does have access on his iphone but I'm inept at those newfangled internet phones. I'm partial to the old- fashioned key board.Anyways, we've been moving in and unpacking. And it is going at the pace of cold molasses for various reasons. One being a little person who wants to eat every 2 hours and requires vast amounts of rocking to fall asleep.

Despite the slow progress, we are loving little John. He is so much fun and so cute. I often ask him how it feels to be the cutest baby in the world. He hasn't yet found the words to describe his feelings about that distinction.
He's been such a good baby through all the transition he's been through in his scant 3 weeks of life. He usually sleeps really well at night. He wakes up two or three times to eat but usually goes right back to sleep. However, during the day he doesn't sleep very well. Which is another reason things aren't moving very fast. But today we got a swing and we're hoping it will help lull him to sleep for naps. I much prefer him being fussy during the day than at night so I'm not complaining about the lack of day-time sleep. At first, while we were still in the hospital, he behaved just the opposite taking naps during the day and not sleeping well at night. This caused me to panic and cry a lot. Things are really good now. Here are some pictures:

So comfortable

Our favorite son

4 generations on both sides of the family

After a diaper change

"It's such an honor to be the cutest baby in the world. I'd like to thank the Academy and my parents. "