Saturday, December 11, 2010

Not just something people say

I called my mom this week to tell her that John had cut a tooth. To which she adamantly, repeatedly replied "that's impossible! That is impossible!" It seems impossible, it seems like he just got here! What business does he have doing all of this grown up, teeth growing?!? But it's true. There is a tiny sliver of tooth peeking out of his tender little gum.

I'm hoping that the tooth is the reason for his fussiness for the past few weeks. Overall, I'd still say he's a happy, easy-going boy. But when it's just the two of us at home I think he gets bored and succumbs more easily to minor discomforts such that a tooth breaking through a gum might cause. He has had some fussy moments recently (and I have had a few fussy moments myself)! I thought I felt a lump under his gum which could be a tooth but I wasn't sure. I was racking my brain trying to make sure there wasn't something else making him upset. Is he hungry? Tired? Sick? Upset about the state of the economy? But when I felt that little sliver, I knew that a tooth had been working its way up.

As cute as teeth are, I was hoping he wouldn't get any until around 11 months. I'm nursing him. I'll still continue nursing him as he gets teeth but I'm a little nervous about a bite. Anyways, the point is, the time goes fast. It really does. Even though some days seem never-ending the passage of time seems to be going at a breakneck pace that only quickens as I get older. The time passes quickly, it's not just something that people say. That's one reason that I'm thankful Peter is willing to work to support my lifestyle while I sit at home and eat bon bons with my baby. I don't want to miss anything. One day he's sitting, the next day he's crawling, one day he's toothless, the next day he's not!

Unfortunately I don't have a picture of said tooth. In the first place, it's very difficult to see since it is only a small sliver. Secondly, he much prefers I not look at it and lets me know this by thrashing his head about violently every time I try to pin him down and get a glimpse. It can't hide forever!

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