Monday, November 29, 2010

His mother's son

The consensus seems to be that John resembles me. So do I look like a 6.5 month old baby or does he look like a 27 year old woman? Here are some pictures for comparison:

John in September at 3.5 months

Me and my mother (I'm the one in the red dress) February of 1984. I was 7 months.

I think the above two are the best comparison but here are a few more pictures:


Jill said...

Okay, now that is just plain freaky. More than you and John looking alike, you and your MOM look alike! That could totally be you with the baby in red--except for the hair, of course. But my goodness. That's crazy! To answer your question, though, yes, John looks like you when you were a baby!

Rachel said...

Wow! That is quite the resemblance.

Vanessa Rogers said...

the cheeks are definitely there!

Peter and Leslie said...

Yes, I am often told that I resemble my mother as well. So perhaps instead of John looking like a 27 year old woman or me looking like a 6.5 month old baby, we all look like a 29 year old woman. (29 being the age of my mother who continues to get younger each year.) ;o)