Saturday, November 13, 2010


John is 6 months today! It also happens to be my mother's 29th birthday. Happy birthday, mom! Soon you're going to be younger than me! That'll be weird...

John continues to develop his rolling prowess. He can sit up unassisted for wee amounts of time. He often gets into this funny little position that I call his swimsuit model pose, like in the pictures above and below. It is too cute! He can balance on his side like that for quite a while. This is actually very similar to a position that they make you do in many exercise classes to work your abs called the side plank. He wants strong obliques, I suppose.

Anyways, yesterday was Peter's day off for the week and we enjoyed it thoroughly. We went out in the morning for breakfast tacos and then took John to the park. We enjoyed the weather and spending the day together. John loved the baby swing. I started by nudging him ever so slightly to initiate an almost imperceptible swing. I didn't want to go too crazy because he doesn't have great upper body control. But Peter took over and swung him to high heaven and he laughed. It was fun!

Changing the subject, last week I was anticipating with relish the extra hour of sleep that was to be mine as the result of the "fall back" time change. I suppose that I technically did get that extra hour of sleep since we did turn the clocks back. But it was not nearly so magical as it has been in past years. The problem was that I neglected to inform John about this strange little custom of time change. I failed to explain that he too would get to take advantage of this wonderful gift of sleep! On the actual day of turning the clocks back, he mostly woke up at the same time, maybe just a little early. But every day since then he's been getting up on the wrong side of 6 am (Is there a right side of 6 am?) . And he has trouble staying awake until his bedtime. So, I've transferred my sentiments from "time change is a hassle but I'll endure it for that extra hour of sleep" to "time change needs to die a most painful death." The little ones, they don't adjust so well, unfortunately!

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