Monday, October 04, 2010

Thank you Grandma Hanson!

Oh you guys! The weather here. It is nice. Days like this are the reason people live in Texas. It's dry, the highs are in the 70's. This morning there was even a chill in the air. After John peed through is onesie during his first nap, I even dressed him in long sleeves! It is a gorgeous day. But that's not why I'm writing.

I've mentioned before that a lot of our furniture was given to us by Peter's Grandmother, Darlene. I was told that she reads this blog so I wanted to post something to show her how appreciative we are. We especially love the dining room table. It has three leaves so it can expand to seat 8. We've been hosting a small group from church at our house every other week. We all eat dinner together and everyone loves the table:

They are holding signs that say "Thank you Grandma Hanson." But you might not be able to see that unless you enlarge the picture. Also, you can't see the sign I'm holding. It says " We love Grandma Hanson."

John was already in bed last night when we took the picture so I wanted to get him in on the photo op.

He was a little unclear on the concept.

Thank you Grandma Hanson, we hope to see you soon!

And now, just because I can, here are more pictures of John boy:

People tell me that he looks like me. I'm wondering, if I look even a smidge like that, why haven't I gotten any supermodel contracts? Because I must be the second cutest person in the world (behind John, of course).

Teething? I don't think so yet. But definitely chewing on everything.

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