Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Peter's Birthday Cake

Yesterday was Peter's 28th birthday. We didn't have a party but I think that he felt sufficiently special and celebrated.

I made this flourless chocolate hazelnut cake for him. I tried the recipe for the first time last year for some company and he really liked it. So I surprised him with it yesterday. This is a good cake for a person who does not like his sweets to be overly sweet. Peter is such a person (no one is perfect ;o). And this recipe is good and sweet but not so sugary that you will want to throw up after you eat it.

I am on the opposite end of that sweets spectrum. I love that buttercream icing that takes you to a few glucose molecules short of a diabetic coma.

Note for the cake: the recipe calls for a hazelnut praline. I made it last year but it took some extra trouble and I didn't think that it added that much to the cake. So this year I omitted it with no untoward effects. Also, my oven seems to run extremely hot. The recipe says to bake the cake for 35 minutes but I only baked mine for 20 minutes and I think I should have taken it out even sooner. So, check on it early.

I am so sweet that it's barely legal. I violate sweetness restrictions in 42 states. The Big Sugar lobby is trying to come down hard on me because they just can't compete. My life is really hard.

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Jill said...

I love your wit, Leslie, combined with your choice of words. Beauty!