Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just call me a Martha Stewart-Bob Villa hybrid

Oh my gosh, isn't that funny? A Martha Stewart-Bob Villa hybrid? I'm making myself (and probably only myself) laugh.

In reality I am only a shadow of a wannabe regarding Martha Stewart and I am a handy man like Bob Villa as much as I am an octopus. But I've had some time recently to be crafty and also home-improvement-y.

I have been looking for lamps for our living room. On the day we moved in we were mopping in that room. It was getting dark so we went to turn on the light and found that there are no overhead lights in the living room! Surprise! At that time we possessed two lamps. When one of them started electrocuting Peter we threw it away and lamp hunting I went. I found this lamp at a consignment shop:

I liked the shape. But it needed some spicing up. So I decided I wanted to paint it fuchsia/magenta. I researched painting ceramic briefly on google and learned about Krylon spray paint. It will apparently stick to everything from liquid hot magma to your grandmother's Christmas jell-o salad.

I found some in the color that I wanted (Raspberry) and a few hours later I had (what I consider) a fun lamp that goes with our eclectic (read: free and used) decor:

I paired it with the lampshade that accompanied the old lamp. I love it. And Martha would be so proud. She's always encouraging people to find pieces of trash and convert them into Stunning Accent Pieces (jazz hands!) and the like.

Also, I installed 3 hooks. That's the Bob Villa in me. It might sound like an insignificant task to you but it required me to wield a drill which I don't recall ever having done before. I hung up a storage basket in John's room. And in the study/guest room I installed curtain hooks on either side of the window so that the curtains can be pulled back. Now that we've installed curtains on that window you will be able to avoid those pesky neighbors when you come visit.

Here is the view from the guest bedroom/study, across the atrium to the master bedroom pre-curtain hanging - yikes!

I also crocheted a few of these cute hats. I put one on John because it looks so cute when worn (I think). I love the huge flower. I intend to make John a manly hat for one of my next projects. Soon it will be cooling down ever so slightly and I don't want him to catch his death. Since we Texans are acclimatised to 100 degree summers, frostbite can afflict us in temperatures well above freezing. We can suffer from hypothermia in the 70's. Therefore, it's essential that we keep ourselves on the brink of heat stroke year round lest we freeze to death. Hence, the boy needs a hat. I'd better get on that.

I took up crocheting a few years ago. But I had trouble finishing projects because I would always choose things that were way above my skill level and/or time availability. So these days I'm working on small projects and have been able to finish several. Don't be surprised if you get a crocheted Christmas gift. (But do act surprised.) :o)


Robin and Don said...

You know me, I am always impressed with anything crafty and decorating is a bonus. We thought of Peter on his b-day and hoped he wasn't on call for such a day. Glad he had a good one. Don's b-day we celebrated with a little apple crisp this year but he probably would have liked your cake better.

Anonymous said...

I love the hat with a flower on John!! Too cute. I have a photo of Kevin wearing a bathing cap of mine that had a big flower on it and it is still one of my favorites (everyone laughs when they see it as they should). I bet you will be loving that picture in 40 years just like I have. Terry