Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall Favorites: Update

So, I've made all the new recipes that I intended to try this Fall. Not that I wouldn't be open to trying any other new ones this season. In fact I've got on my mind this totally ridiculous Martha cake that I might try one of these days if I'm feeling just a little too sane. Martha's projects are always good for driving one to the edge of reason. But I've got to leave time to make the recipes that I already know I love, like Sweet Potato-Pecan Cupcakes!

Out of the several I've made this year, the one that stands out is this:

Caramel-Pecan-Pumpkin Bread Puddings

It was great and I would definitely make it again. I made it in a 9x13 in pan instead of in individual ramekins. Delicious!

Last night I made this Molasses Spice Cake. I had really high hopes for it. It was good, and people seemed to like it. But I wasn't feeling very well yesterday. My stomach was upset and I didn't have much of an appetite. So that may be the reason that I didn't like it as much as I thought I would. That and the Brown Sugar Glaze seemed to be too salty.

Now, I trust that you people know that if you come across any delicious fall-ish recipes, you best be sending them to me to try! Happy baking to you all!


Vanessa Rogers said...

that martha stewart cake looks ridiculous especially because you have the baby oven. Maybe, we could make it together- if we have time- when we are home in my mom's new convection oven?

Vanessa Rogers said...

I think the sign for "daresay" is like holding a teacup to your lips with one pinky up.