Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Baby Time

I've been taking John to baby time at the library for the past few weeks. It is so fun. It is hilarious to watch all of the babies. There is quite a range from the bump-on-a-log newborns to the uber-sophisticated cruisers. John is, of course, on the big but less sophisticated end of the spectrum.

In fact, at first glance, John appears to be a lazy excuse for a baby. Since he is roughly the size of a first grader, people expect that he should be reading, writing his name, and holding forth on themes of social justice found in Sesame Street. Yet in reality he cannot even sit without assistance. (But he can roll with the best of them, I'll tell you what. I think the song Everywhere Man by Johnny Cash was written about John. ) Much smaller babies, babies the size of his thigh, can often crawl circles around him. But he's not lazy, he's just big. Therefore people assume he's older than he actually is. People always comment on his size. They often remark that he is so "healthy" which seems to be a euphemism for fat.

I am very thankful that he's growing so well! That is a sign of a healthy baby. The only downside is that I have the back of a 94 year old now that I've been schlepping around a huge sack of potatoes for 5 months.

Anyways, back to baby time. During baby time we sing songs and read books and dance, clap, tap and rock and what have you- all things that I had long given up in favor of other pursuits like college and full time employ. But really, baby time is so much more fun than either college or career and at times more intellectually stimulating. So I'm happy that I now have an excuse to attend. And it is nice to meet other mothers that live close to us.

Last week the leader went over some signs. I think I want to teach John some signs, if for no other reason, than because it's cute. We did signs for book, mommy and daddy. Does anyone know how to proceed in teaching him signs? Is there a method? Or do I just do them whenever I say the word and he'll pick up on it?

I need to teach him a variety of signs. I want him to be able to sign things like "Mother, I daresay this butternut squash puree is fit for a king!"

Does anyone know the sign for "daresay?"

(Sorry no pictures! I'm having problems with my card reader!)

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Laura Stiller said...

Leslie -
I don't know if you remember me from Central Baptist or not, but I've thoroughly enjoyed following your blog. You're hilarious!

I've learned alot from this website on baby signs (, but can't testify to how well it works as Cannon's only 3 1/2 months and still communicating in screeches and screams. :-)