Friday, September 24, 2010

(This must be read with a Long Island accent)

Hey yous guys. I've been meaning to get on this blog and give a big thank you to my Manhattan aunt Jennifer for giving me a great start to my library. I've never been to visit her in New York. But I know I would love it. And I know I would fit right in. I mean look at this picture of me. Do I look like a native, or what?

Here I am at my desk

Takin' a coffee break

Most of yous probably don't know that I got a little side gig doin' some book reviews for the New York Times. Anyways, aunt Jennifer is in the big publishing business in the Big Apple. Basically, if you want to write a book, you gotta go through her. Since she knows all the good books, she sends 'em to me to review. Here are two of my favorites:

First on my list is this book called "Alphabet". This one is a nonfiction book about, what else?, letters. The story might seem familiar to some of yous but it has some surprises. I'm here to tell you that you may think you know about letters but you have no idea. Come on, which of yous can tell me an animal that starts with a U or an X. That's what I thought. And there's a surprise ending because the Z is not a zebra. I'm not gonna to tell you what it is because I don't wanna spoil it. This author puts a fresh spin on an otherwise overdone subject. Great read.

This next one called "Have You Seen My Cat" is a freakin' epic. It's a fiction book about this kid who loses his cat. The plot twits blew mind. This kid is looking all over the world for his cat. I couldn't put it down! I literally had no idea where this kid's cat was or how the story would resolve. I really empathized with the guy too because there are cats goin' in and outta my line of vision all day long and I never can keep track of 'em. I can't give away too much in case you read it. But it's an adventure. I highly recommend.

Where is my cat?

So there you go. Those are my picks for your literary enjoyment. It pays to have friends in high places. Thanks again, aunt Jennifer, for all of my books!


Anonymous said...

Hey!! I love John's take on being a book reviewer. He makes me want to immediately go get the book on the lost cat (and that's for me to read, not my grandkids). That John is such a writer!!

Love, Terry

J-Gro said...

hahahaha! oh, man. John, you are hIlaaarious!

guess what, you have a new book on the way!! you're gonna love it!

looooove, jen xoxo