Thursday, September 23, 2010

Poor Naive Me

A few weeks ago when John started rolling from back to tummy things got a little more complicated for me around here. He would get trapped on his belly, much weeping and gnashing of teeth would ensue (his weeping, my gnashing of teeth), I'd rescue him, put him somewhere else for a while but the cycle would repeat whenever I put him down on the floor to play. I thought, and wrote on this blog, that I assumed things would get easier once John learned to roll back the other direction- I thought I wouldn't have to be rescuing from his tummy so often.

Well as of this week he's now rolling both ways.

Did things get easier as I had assumed? Au contraire!

He's rolling into walls, rolling under the bed, rolling into close proximity of power tools.

Who would have thought that a person whose only means of locomotion is rolling could get to so many places? If I would've known the extent a person could travel by rolling I might not have taken the trouble to learn to walk!

Anyways, when John started rolling one way it took me all day to mop the floor. I was planning to mop the floor today and I anticipate finishing sometime around Christmas.

I think it's safe to say that, regarding children, I should never assume things will become less complicated. They might get complicated in a different way. But probably not less so.

But we're having oodles of fun and I love being with him everyday despite the fact that it takes me months to do what a childless woman might do in 30 minutes.

(Just so you know why it takes me so long to mop, the entire house, except the bedrooms, is tile. So I mop almost the entire house. It is somewhat of an undertaking. I didn't want you thinking that it takes me hours to mop just the kitchen....and I am slightly exaggerating. I might be done before Christmas.)

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Andrea C said...

SO precious!! Oh I love hearing these stories. Thank you for sharing your heart Leslie!