Friday, September 17, 2010


One of our neighbors pulled up in front of our house last week ostensibly for a friendly chat. Peter was outside poking around and I was weeding the flower beds. He started commenting on how property values are being dragged down by people not maintaining their their houses and gardens. He made a few references to some of our other neighbors and pointed out various violations of deed restrictions. He then went on to say that the homeowners association is worthless and doesn't adequately enforce its rules. Then he got to the point of why he actually pulled up to talk to us when he said:

"For example, the weeds on your fence. You might get a letter about that but nothing more."

A letter. That's all. You know, instead of being publicly stoned like we deserve.

In the interest of full disclosure he was right, we do have some unsightly dead weeds on the top of our fence. But I thought his smug passive aggressiveness was hilarious. We need to take the weeds down. But really, I'm a new mom and we moved across the country a few short months ago (I know that excuse is approaching its expiration date...). My husband has less than one day off per week and spends two nights per week at the hospital. I'll get to the weeds when I get to the weeds, thank you very much!

I wish I had my card reader to post pictures of what he was talking about. Because we're not actually letting our property go to seed as he was implying. Rather, we're in the midst of some improvements that I'm so excited about! On Friday when Peter was off we bought two varieties of rose bushes, a few fruit trees (orange, satsuma mandarin and meyer lemon), and some other flowers and herbs. I'm so excited about getting them planted! I think fresh fruit and flowers make the best decorations. The roses we chose are good for cutting for indoor arrangements. And cooking with fresh herbs is always nice.

Then for the rest of the day- his one day off for last week- my wonderful husband spent outside doing the back-breaking work of digging up and sawing off tree roots that are in the flower beds to get them ready for planting. I'm so thankful for him and all of his hard work on his day off! He was using a chainsaw to saw off the roots. I've never used a chainsaw and I know I would have amputated one of my limbs if I'd had to do it (and I doubt I would've done a good job of getting the roots out either. So I would be in the unhappy position of being armless and still having flowerbeds unfit for planting). But most importantly, he got the dead weeds off of the gate!

I'm hoping to cultivate a green thumb because thus far everything that I have tried to grow has perished under my neglect. But I'm going to turn over a new leaf! I have to. Because if I let the flowers die and the weeds take over I'll probably get a letter from the homeowners association. I've been warned.


Robin and Don said...

Wow! I'm glad you guys are dealing with Mr. Crazy and not us. You are so much nicer in situations like that. I think Don would tell me we are never going to weed our yard again. Or better yet, we would pull the weeds in the yard and dump them on his front lawn in hopes they would seed. Either way, not very Christian. You just have to be humored by these type of people, don't ya?

Peter and Leslie said...


I can't picture Don acting like that! What is your email, Robin? I've been thinking about you both and wondering how you're doing.