Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm glad I spoke to Peter before I broadcasted my ignorance over the interwebs

I've been doing a few little crocheting projects lately. Some of them are gifts, but I want to post pictures after I give them away. Anyways, on one of the hats I was making I wasn't sure if my measurements were turning out quite right. The hat is essentially a circle so I set out to determine the circumference of the circle so that I could be sure that I was proceeding correctly according to the pattern. This required me to excavate long-buried portions of my brain to uncover those geometric equations related to circles that I learned back in the 10th grade.

After some mental digging, I uncovered some remnants! For example, circumference equals pie times radius squared! Circumference is what I was trying to find so I set out to apply this handy equation that had turned out to have some purpose despite what I may have thought in high school.

So there I was happily calculating. It is strange that I didn't think to google any of this, I just trusted in my good ole memory. A memory which never was much for storing up equations correctly. Based on my figures, my hat's measurements were correct! I was all set to write about my use of geometry in crocheting on the blog. I thought it was a funny combination. The juxtaposition conjured up images of crazy cat lady rocket scientists wielding their protractors and crochet hooks. Fortunately, however, I tarried in posting about my geometric prowess.

Later I was proudly telling Peter about my math accomplishments. I'm not gifted in math but he is. I thought he would be super impressed with me and my equations. So I explained to him what I did and he kindly explained to me that the equation that I used determines the area of a circle, not the circumference as I had thought. Circumference is calculated by 2 x pie x radius.

Darn it! Not only did I use an incorrect equation (and totally failed to impress Peter with my shining intellect) but the faulty equation that I used had actually given me the numbers I was looking for. That meant that my hat's measurements were also incorrect. For crying out loud!

So, there you have it, kids: stay in school (and pay more attention to geometry than I did) because you never know when those equations will come in handy. And you don't want to be forever messing up your crocheting projects with incorrect equations. (Since all the kids are real big into crocheting these days...)

And now here's what you really came to the blog to see:

He always smiles when he sees himself in the mirror so I've been trying to capture that on camera. But he didn't want to look in the mirror because he was too busy looking at me with the camera.

He finally did look in the mirror. Here he's all "I think, therefore I am."

There's that sweet smile! Although the picture is a little blurry...


Vanessa Rogers said...

Did his aunty Jen give him that shirt? So cute.
Am I getting a hat? Winters in Korea are really cold :)

J-Gro said...

oh man. I'm dying. that kid is too cute.

Love his onesie!!!! :)