Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Last Friday Peter and I were driving out of town for a church retreat. John was in his car seat in the back crying. He's not overly fond of being in his car seat, especially when he's tired, which he was at the time. It's typical for him to fuss for a while in the car and then fall asleep. So that's what I thought was going on as we drove around looking for somewhere to grab a bite to eat before we got on our way. Finally, after much crying on John's part, I glanced towards the back seat. To my dismay I saw that the sunshade of the car seat was completely covering his face! The sunshade on our car seat is really flimsy and has a lot of extra fabric, it's really quite a worthless accessory. But it sort of does keep the sun out of his face. At least when it stays in place. I had opened it before we got into the car to shield him from the sun. But it ended up collapsing over his face and that's why he was crying! I felt so bad! But it got me thinking that I'm thankful that, unlike me with my human limitations, God knows when his children are in trouble and has promised to help them. Mercifully, He's not just sitting around sipping his coffee hoping we'll fall asleep so that He can have some peace and quiet! Rather, he loves to meet our needs. Thankfully I can rest knowing that I will mess up plenty of times as a parent but John and I are both ultimately in His infallible hands.

And now, may I present to you, The downward spiral of Tummy Time, a photo essay in three parts:

The first minute or so is happy...
Then consternation sets in. How much longer must I endure?
Finally frustration and capitulation. Accompanied by many tears.

He really doesn't much enjoy tummy time. I'm not sure why. Despite my continual reassurances that life will be very tedious indeed if he does not learn to lift his head up. I hope the fact that he only does two minutes of tummy time per day won't prevent him from crawling.

Notice Theodore in the background laying in the same position as John.
Often he won't smile at me when I have the camera out because he's busy studying the camera.

Recently someone told me that John looks like a fat version of me. And others have agreed that he resembles me. That makes me so happy because he is the apple of my eye! I'll have to post some pictures of our baby pictures along side his soon.

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johnrgriffin said...

the 3 phases of tummy time reminds me of me and peter trying to study in med school (only I think that John is able to endure a bit longer ;-)