Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Dining Room

Here are some pictures of the dining room. I finally got all of the tools off the table and the few unpacked boxes stuffed into closets and all the painting paraphernalia put away. This room is the most finished room in the house. I'll post more pictures when everything is hung in the other rooms. First let me show you some "before" picture of the dining room:

Very white. I think white can look nice but right now, it's just not me. I really wanted a lot of color.

And we tried a lot of colors. Choosing paint colors is hard because there are infinite options. Literally infinite. I think we probably paid a Sherwin Williams employee's salary for the month just in our purchases of paint samples. I don't really know if Sherwin Williams is superior to other types of paint but there is a store right around the corner which is why we went with Sherwin Williams paint.

And now here is the finished product:

You might notice that this room has baseboards on the floor, crown molding on the ceiling, and molding at chair-rail height. Let me warn anyone who will listen that this is a perfectionist's nightmare when trying to paint. We have had bad experiences with painters tape. We could not find a reliable tool that would ensure that paint got where we wanted it and stayed there without also getting where we didn't want it. I ended up free handing most of the molding. And touching up a lot. In the midst of touching up, I realized that I could conceivably spend the rest of my life painting over the green paint that inadvertently got on the white molding and then painting over the white paint that got on the green wall. Thankfully, I'm only a lazy perfectionist so I gave up rather easily. There are one or two other things that I want to do with the rest of my life. It looks pretty good but it's not perfect. Don't look closely at the molding if you come over. (I'll be watching you.)

I am so happy with this color. And I like the combination of modern and retro in the room. At first I thought the chandelier, which came with the house, was chintzy-looking and I had great plans to transform it into something prettier and more streamlined. But as we painted the green on the walls, I liked the chintzy chandelier more and more. The green enhances the gold and vise versa. So when we were all finished and deciding what to hang on the walls, we put a gold framed mirror up and really liked it. We had only one other gold frame (no mirror, just the frame) which we also hung. I thought it would look fun and eclectic with a variety of gold frames and gold-framed mirrors on the wall. So last weekend we were out shopping and I found several inexpensive ones at an antique store that was going out of business. I'd like to eventually find a few oval ones and hang them as well.

All the furniture was graciously given to us by Peter's grandmother. The table has three leaves and expands to seat 8 which is nice. This is the first time we've had the space to use the table. She also gave us the china cabinet and the large, unframed mirror. We're thankful for all the seating. We're hosting one of the small groups from church this year and I think the plan is to have dinner together. Eight seats will go a long way towards giving everywhere a place to sit. But there might be more than eight bodies at times. Someone may have to sit in John's bumbo chair.

John in his Bumbo chair

He has only just come of age to use this seat. And his legs barely fit in the leg holes. I don't know how much use we'll get out of this one.

Again, I have to give a big thank you to Diane, my mother in law, without whom this room would still be alabaster.


Erin said...

The green is gorgeous! Perfect color!

Erin said...

oh, and I LOVE all of the empty gold frames!