Saturday, August 14, 2010

Creative Vision: Realized! (mostly)

A few posts ago I mentioned the long suffering of my husband and mother in law while I worked through my Creative Vision (jazz hands!) for our house. Now, I should say, it's not like we were knocking down walls to make rooms shaped like fleur-de-lis. It was mostly just deciding paint colors. Nonetheless, a Creative Vision (jazz hands!) cannot be rushed. It must be painstakingly wrought.

Would you have told Michelangelo to "hurry up" because you are "ready to be done?" I asked Peter as we were discussing colors for the ceiling. I don't fancy myself a Michelangelo. But renaissance painter or no, the artistic process must steep and percolate until it is ripe. As I explained to Peter, painting the walls a color that we don't like just so we can be done seems to be a bad idea (to me, but maybe that's just because I am crazy, which I have already admitted).

We've got the bulk of everything done. Now we're just hanging pictures and some other little details. There are still a few walls I'm considering painting. But so far everything looks so great and I'm so happy! It has been fun to see my Creative Vision (jazz hands!) come to life! In a good way, not like Frankenstein's monster.

And being done with these major projects has done wonders to put me back on my rocker from which I might have temporarily fallen. One tends not to think clearly when all thoughts have been converted from English to Sherwin William's paint colors. Juneberry, lime granita luau green? Gecko glitzy gold! You see, I just asked what you'd like to have for lunch but you probably didn't know that because I was speaking Sherwin Williamese. That is what my mother in law had to endure the week that she was here.

So before I got this post published I decided to paint the walls I was still considering painting. I might have gone too far this time. But I don't know yet. We'll see. I can always paint things white again (though, I, myself am growing weary of my Creative Vision (jazz hands!)). But I didn't want to post pictures with drop cloths and paint cans everywhere. So here are a few pictures of my magnum opus in the baby's room:

I got the idea to paint a tree and birdhouses from this website. I was thoroughly pleased the result. It turned out better than I dared to hope it would.

His crib and bedding that were given to me by friends from church

A while ago I asked for suggestions on bedding for John's room. Most people suggested little birds since I was planning to do a tree with bird houses on the wall. But I couldn't resist the bedding with all these adorable little animals. Especially when I found these cards on Etsy (below) that go so well with the animal/alphabet theme. Eventually I'd like to paint the dressers and stencil animals on them.

I still feel like this room is missing something- perhaps John! He's still sleeping in our room. But seriously, I think something is missing but my budget and my Creative Vision (jazz hands!) for this room are both exhausted at this point...

And since no post is complete without a picture of my little snuggle britches:

How many fat rolls can you count?

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Vanessa Rogers said...

I love it Leslie! Such a great job! I would try and comment on what it's missing but I can't see the room in it's entirety and without that, I don't feel fully qualified! I miss you and your jazz hands!