Thursday, July 29, 2010

A random but hopefully delightful collection of things

Here are three recipes that we've tried recently and really liked:

Yellow Squash Gratin
- This is going in my favorites file. We really liked it. It has a lot of yellow squash (12 C but I halved the recipe). It would be great especially if you have your own garden and need a way to use a lot of squash- it is prolific this time of year.

These two are easy and we really liked them, they are going in my Good and Quick file:
Indian Chicken Curry from my friend Beth and Vegetable Lasagna (I doubled this one) from my favorite recipe website.

Meanwhile here's a picture of John looking at Theodore:

What sort of fellow are you? (I believe he's saying that in a British accent.)

And look! What's that? A magical floating baby?!

No. It's actually it's a picture of one of John's recent Excrement Explosions! The picture had to be edited for modesty's sake. Peter was only wearing his boxers and I didn't want to make all the ladies of the interwebs swoon.

I was getting ready for church while little J was in his swing when I looked at him and realized he was happily smearing himself with his own poop that had exploded out of his diaper onto his abdomen and legs. That's pretty gross. But it's also kind of cute and pitiful. Breastfed baby poop is not nearly as disgusting as adult poop or older solid-food-eating- baby poop. But still probably not something that should be smeared on one's face.

This week a friend from church, Holly, came over to help me clear out the weeds in our front garden plot. And by weeds I mean foliage that would make the Amazon seem like a paltry grove of trees. I was really nervous about having Holly help me with this. I know nothing about weeding, planting, gardening etc. I so far have only managed to kill plants. I thought this would take forever and be a waste of Holly's time since I didn't know what I was doing. But it turns out Holly knew what she was doing! She got that former jungle to look like a wasteland! Which is what I'm going for for now. Soon we'll replant some things and hopefully strike a happy medium between Amazon and barren wasteland.


No match for Holly.

I helped Holly with this for about an hour then I had to go feed the baby. So while I was sitting on my bed sipping ice water and nursing, Holly was toiling away in the rain at my garden! What a good friend with a heart of service! Holly truly outdid herself. Especially when you consider that a few days prior Peter had worked on the garden for about 20 minutes but then stopped when a wee bit of drizzle came along. But Peter is made of sugar and melts in the rain, you know.

It looks so much better and has taken a weight off of my shoulders to have that task done! In my mind it was such a big job and I didn't know where to begin. Though Peter commented that it has lost its "welcome to the secret garden" charm. But I don't think our neighbors approve of secret gardens that are so unruly that they can't walk past our house without vines and branches dragging them against their will into a magical world of talking plants- or whatever the Secret Garden was, I'm not really familiar with the story.

I'll post more pictures when we replant things. I also plan to paint the door blue, I think. We'll see how it turns out!

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Vanessa Rogers said...

Wow, you guys did a pretty amazing job. Can't wait to come visit.