Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Moments in Mothering

Monday night was a difficult night. Overall John is such a good baby that even our difficult nights are like a walk in the park with puppies and kittens compared to what I have been told I was like as a baby.

Monday I don't think he got enough sleep during the day and became overly tired at night and wouldn't sleep. We finally got him to sleep at 11, which is a full 2 hours after he should have gone to bed. Then he woke up at 4 am to eat. The next hour and a half was like a comedy of errors filled with lots of bodily fluids. First I couldn't get him to stay awake to eat- and I really needed him to eat because I was full of milk- and then I couldn't get him back to sleep.

Anyways, at night I feed him while we're both laying down. I put a diaper cloth under his head to catch drool and spit up so that I don't have to sleep in puddles of regurgitated milk. So when he woke up to eat, if you can picture it, we're both laying down. He's on his right side facing me with the diaper cloth under his head. At first he's eating contentedly and then he stops jerks his head back and over his left shoulder and vomits all over the bed. Alas, you know what they say, the best laid diaper cloths often go awry. Babies his age are too young to do things out of spite but some moments it really does seem like they're out to get you!

But last night was GREAT! He slept for seven hours... somewhere around there. Exact times are fuzzy. But what's even better is that I think that I slept for six of those hours! Thank God for uninterrupted sleep!

I still can rarely manage to get out of the house having both brushed my teeth and put on deodorant. I seem to always forget one or the other. Hm... one day I'll get both! But that will probably be the day that I forget to wear pants.

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