Friday, July 09, 2010

It's fun to go to the Y-M-C-A

I've been attempting to get back on the "healthy lifestyle" bandwagon. I took a six week break. I didn't exercise and I pretty much ate what I wanted to eat. It was fun. But now it's time to get to work and get serious about losing my baby weight! One of my goals is to run the San Antonio half marathon in November. My brother in law is going to do it and he's recruited almost the entire family- and the Ness family is not a small family. We might have bought up all the slots. My mother is also planning on running it. It should be fun! (Side note: If you've ever considered running a half marathon, you should do it! You will have fun and it will be easier than you think it is. And even if you hate it and it's not easier than you thought it would be, you'll at least be able to tell people that you've run 13.1 miles!)

So we joined the YMCA. We have one right near us and it has just been remodeled. They have really nice facilities so I've been trying to go regularly. On Monday I tried to get Peter go with me to a weight lifting class. He was reluctant because he thought it was going to be a "sissy jazzercise class". I assured him otherwise but he didn't quite believe me until he was there on the floor having his abs whipped into shape and changing his tune. At one point he looked at me like a child who has just been told his beloved pet puppy has died- utter dismay.

Then when we actually got to the weight-lifting he kept looking at me and mouthing "wow." And the next day he could barely move. AND he wants to go back to the same class tonight!

I wasn't very sore. Which might mean I wasn't working hard enough. My fitness motto is "don't be a hero, just finish." I find that it's a good, middle of the road way to exercise. I'll never be on the cover of a fitness magazine but at least I'll have enough mobility to get out of bed the next morning to go work out again.

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