Monday, June 21, 2010

Please tell me I'm not the only one

First of all, I am brushing my teeth for the first time today at 8 pm. Yikes! It just kind of slipped through the cracks with everything we had going on today. There were people here fixing some electrical problems nearly all day and little J decided to boycott his naps for the most part. So personal hygiene got pushed to the back burner, unfortunately.

I had two goals today. 1) Go to the grocery store. 2) Get Houston Public Library card. (In the future I should probably add brushing teeth so that it doesn't get overlooked again.) Well I accomplished both of my goals but it was rather arduous.

First to the store. At first John was asleep and things were going swimmingly. Then he woke up. (He's usually such a pleasant baby which I know everyone says about their own child and no one believes! But seriously, right now he's sitting in his bouncy seat looking like a fat little cherub.) Apparently he had some significant emotional problems the weight of which came to a head in Whole Foods. He was unable to continue on without a cathartic crying episode.

He wasn't hungry. He was probably tired. To which I said "don't cry, just go back to sleep." But babies, I've found, are not usually amenable to such logic. So, he continued crying. And I continued shopping trying to avoid eye contact with everyone knowing that they would either be irritated with me or pitying me. I was a little embarrassed. On the plus side, our checker worked super fast to get us out of that store!

After that I put him in the car and he fell asleep. The library is on the way home from the store so I stubbornly decided to go get that library card. I probably shouldn't have done that because I knew (or at least highly suspected) he would start crying when we got out of the car but I only had two goals for the day and I thought it would be ridiculous if I only accomplished 50% of them! Plus I've been itching to get several books about (guess what??) infants.

So in we went to the library and of course he starts crying and I'm all "Oh, I'm so sorry, he never does this!" And then a nice lady came and jingled some keys in front of him and all of his problems vanished into the ether.

So despite some touch and go moments, I suppose the day was overall a success. I did get something accomplished. And everyday with my little man is fun because he's so snugglicious. :o)


Angela said...

You are not the only one:)
I like my to do list to be all checked off too at the end of the day, and I too sometimes sacrifice my sanity to this end!
Oh, and I can promise that won't be the last time that personal hygiene is neglected.


Jenni said...

Ohh my!!! No, you are not the only one! Just someone brave enough to admit that sometimes you actually forget to brush your teeth! FORGET! How does a grown adult forget such an important task!??! hehehe I understand. I have two, and I am pregnant with our third so I am guessing I can throw deodorant and clean underwear out the window too! ;)