Saturday, May 01, 2010

Why my husband is a really great catch

It snowed buckets this week. Buckets. (I need not point out that it's MAY, for crying out loud!) I should preface this by saying that Peter loves to ski. Within a week of finding out that we would be moving to Salt Lake City, his skis were already being shipped to our friendly neighborhood post office. The storms this week brought 33 inches of snow to the ski resort where he has a season pass. He went skiing most Saturdays of the season. But with all of the recent snow he could have gone skiing today and eked one final day out of his (very expensive) season pass. But he did not. Do you know what he did? He went to a Tulip Festival with me! It was lovely. (And now he's trying to figure out how to put the car seat in the car- what a good husband!)

I never realized how wonderful tulips are. Maybe because I've only seen them in a vase. Or maybe it's the contrast between the dead brown of winter and the vibrant colors of spring that make them such a feast for the eyes. We went to a huge garden called Thanksgiving Point where Tulips of all make and model are blooming. We didn't know if we'd get to go because the whether was iffy. It was snowing (Snowing!) on our way but things cleared up and it ended up being very nice if a little cold.

These two were having a heated dispute over a girl. It was funny to see them waddling furiously through the flowers.

Regarding the Other News that we all are expecting at any time. Nothing Yet. Last week there was a full moon and a blizzard- two things that purportedly bring on labor. Yet I seem to be impervious to such acts of nature. I started feeling more contractions at work on Friday. Which I welcome because I felt exactly nothing until about yesterday. So that's good but still pretty meaningless as far as determining when the baby will actually make his/her debut. I'll keep you posted!


While We Wait said...

So glad God gave you Peter! And him, you!!! :)

Erin said...

What wonderful pictures! And what a wonderful husband! I too have a new found appreciation for the beauty of tulips!