Monday, May 10, 2010

If I were a baby...

...what would make me want to be born?

I have to admit that life in the womb sounds right up my alley. Other than not being able to stretch out your legs there are a lot of other things to recommend it. There are very few responsibilities. It's free rent. Food is delivered. There's no cleaning, rush hour traffic, or alarm clocks to be bothered with. It's constantly warm and cozy and you may nap at will. I'm pretty sure if there was internet access and a sony reader I wouldn't want to come out either.

Though when I was a wee baby I didn't fully grasp the luxury of the womb. Born at 35 weeks, I was eager to get out into the world. That is the first and only time that I have been early for anything.

Peter has been talking to the baby every night trying to coax him/her to come out with a variety of temptations including his scat singing abilities. That will really be something if the scat singing does it. Can you imagine scat singing going on that hotly debated list of natural induction methods for people to discuss for ages to come- does scat singing really induce labor? But he also told the baby that it will be cold and bright out here and maybe that has him/her rethinking moving plans. Perhaps tonight I'll suggest that Peter tell the baby about the abundance of baby blankets that we have waiting. Or that there is chocolate out here and in about a year s/he'll get to eat a cupcake!

That might be why I came so early- because I heard about the cupcakes. As awesome as it is to have a steady flow of nutrients piped in through your belly button, it just doesn't compare to cupcakes (or any sweets for that matter. :o).


While We Wait said...

You are a total crackup, Leslie Ness! Can't wait to see you next month!!!

leslie said...

this is an awesome post!