Saturday, May 08, 2010

House Pictures

Peter posted earlier today about our experience closing on the townhouse. He had a difficult time and it got very complicated. I was pretty much on the periphery of it all. I just showed up to sign the papers- which is probably not a great way to be involved with major financial and legal decisions. Oh well.

Anyways, we are so thankful that God provided a house that we like so much and that was such a good deal. This was the biggest and most unique property we looked at and it was also the cheapest on a monthly basis and fit nicely within our budget. It was a really good deal. I think the seller actually could have gotten more for it. We put a contract down when it had only been on the market for 11 days. Later we found out that at that time there were 4 other offers as well. So we definitely consider it God's provision that they went with our offer. There was nothing setting us apart as far as I know, we offered lower than the asking price. It was also only by "chance" that we even looked at the place. We only did because there was another townhouse in the same area that we liked but it was a short sale and we didn't think that we'd be able to get a contract on it.We are very excited to have a place to live! I wanted to post some pictures, though they are not the best. But here you go:

Front Door

We're right across the street from the swimming pool

We love the neighborhood because it's eclectic. All the townhouses are a little different

Inside there is an atrium which I think is so fun! It lets in a lot of light.

The house was built in the '60's and this room (the den/office) is reflective of that. It's going to be where Peter smokes his pipe in his robe. (Just kidding.)


Living Room. We're really going to need that fireplace. It'll be nice for those few times that a cool breeze blows through and briefly dries my sweat stains. (Incidentally, every place we looked at in Houston had a fireplace. I'll never understand that.)

As always feel free to come visit, we have an extra room! But the extra room is a den/office and doesn't have a door so you can expect Theodore and Penelope to grace you with their presence. But fear not everyone loves them. You'll probably leave converted into a cat person.


While We Wait said...

How fun, you guys! So happy for you!

Angela said...

be thankful for a hubby you trust so much that you just sign where he says sign! :)

Beth said...

So cute! I completely agree about the fireplace thing in Houston. We had one in our apartment, and we used it maybe twice in four years.

leslie said...

congrats!! I can't wait to see y'all again when I'm down in Houston in June. Praying for your baby to come this week!