Saturday, May 15, 2010

Having baby = losing sleep

Wow. Less than 48 hours into my mothering gig I tearfully said to Peter "I'm not sure that having kids was a good idea." Then more tears followed for having let that thought cross my mind. But all things looked immeasurably brighter after a little cat nap and a snack. Last night little J just didn't really feel that sleep was imperative to our well-being. (A sentiment which I heartily disagree with. We'll continue working on his appreciation for sleep.)

Overall things are going so well. He's fulfilling his infant duties with aplomb- and looking cute while doing so! He's particularly good at nursing which I am really thankful for. With him being on the hefty side I was worried he wouldn't be able to get enough food to satisfy him. But those fears were quickly allayed. He caught on to breastfeeding right away and became an uber-focused feeder right after birth. He is his father's son.

We are just waiting to be discharged from the hospital. It's taking a long time since it's Saturday the doctors are slow to come in.

Here is a picture of John modeling the latest in newborn fashions: frogs. Doesn't he look so cute and snuggly?


While We Wait said...

Yes, indeedy, he's cute and snuggly! And you just wait until about 2.5 months from now when you're still not sleeping a full night yet! The grumpiness factor may really be setting in! Ha! They are so beautifully worth it, though. What immeasurably precious treasures are babies.

Vanessa Rogers said...

I can't believe he is so big! He almost doesn't look like a newborn. And he is probably the most adorable newborn baby I have ever seen! And by no means am I biased :)