Thursday, May 06, 2010

40 Weeks, Still Pregnant

No baby yet. Let me just get that out of the way first. But today is the official "due date!" I'm still feeling really good. So I don't mind being pregnant for longer. My biggest concern is that now I'm "on the clock," so to speak. Meaning that if the baby doesn't come within the next few weeks we'll have to forcibly evict him/her. I saw my midwife today and discussed that she would probably want to induce on Monday the 17th. I am really hoping to avoid an induction. Not that it's the worst thing in the world. My perception is skewed towards the more natural route because when I worked as a labor and delivery nurse in Houston almost EVERYONE was induced in one form or another. Usually things turned out well but from my point of view we created a lot of our own problems with excessive medical interventions. The C-section rate at that hospital was over 50%. But of course if there's a good reason for it, than it's useful. I would just prefer to have the least amount of medical interventions possible. A lot can happen in 10 days but I would appreciate your prayers for a safe delivery.

Anywho. I need some advice. My mop broke. It was a cheap magic eraser mop from Target. The house that we're hopefully moving into (we're supposed to be closing tomorrow) is almost all tile. So, I think there will potentially be a lot of mopping going on. So I need mop recommendations. Do most people just use cheap things like the swiffer or a sponge mop (like the magic eraser one that I had)? I searched on just to see what kind of mops are available. I found that you can actually spend up to $100 on fancier steam cleaning mop varieties. Is it worth it to buy something like that? I'm usually a cheapskate but in terms of cleaning I need all the help I can get. I'm not naturally a neat freak so I need whatever will make things the easiest and most efficient. I eventually also plan to discuss vacuums with you all. Mine is about to kill me. But I'll save that for another day!


Beth said...

I'm hoping the baby comes soon! Let us know when s/he does. :-)

I don't have any mop recommendations, but I love, love, love my vacuum. We splurged and got a Dyson, and it was money well spent. It picks up cat hair like nothing else.

Peter and Leslie said...

Hey Beth! I have also been eyeing some dysons. I'm definitely in favor of something (anything!) that will pick up cat hair. With the way they shed I don't know how they have any hair left.

Did you get the one specifically for picking up animal hair?

Erin said...

Hey Leslie - We have a steam mop, and I like it pretty well. It seems to do a good job, but can be a workout! I decided we should spend the money on it to be "green" two ways - 1) you aren't always having to buy refills/new ones, etc and 2) it is safe for the crawler that you will have soon - disinfects without chemicals! Praying for your delivery - I totally know what you mean about induction! I was freaked out when I was induced with Sara, but I had a good story.

Beth said...

I don't think it's specifically for animal hair; I'd have to check the manual. All I know is that it works very well.

I vacuum twice a week and it picks up quite a lot of cat hair every time. It needs to be emptied out frequently because there's so much cat hair, but it's so, so easy to empty that I don't mind it at all.

Vanessa Rogers said...

I bought our mop off a vendor on the subway. I have yet to post the pictures of the poor English usage but it was quite funny. Sorry, I don't really have any real advice. But I am still waiting for our email :)

Rachel said...

I'm glad you are still feeling well! Enjoy your last pregnant days--believe it or not, you might miss the feelings of having your baby inside of you.

As for mops, I just have a cheap one from target. I like the real mop head type, not a sponge, I feel like it cleans better. We just had to replace our vacuum and we got this one based on the consumer reports reviews:

It is so powerful and sucks amazingly well for such a cheap and small vacuum! I love it. I don't have any pets, but it takes care of all my hair in the bathroom really well.