Friday, April 23, 2010

I don't know what to title this post...

...because almost anything I thought of writing might lead people to believe that I had delivered my baby. But no. Not yet. My baby is still enthusiastically nestling his/her rear end into my ribs. But my brother in law and his wife did have their baby yesterday afternoon! She is their third girl! Lots of pink going on there!

If you'll remember, she and I originally had the same due date. I wrote a post about it and made a comment that we were in a 40 week race and may the best baby win. Well, then my due date was pushed back and she was induced about a week early. So, I must retract my comments about one baby being the best. We'll call the whole race a wash and acknowledge that both babies are indeed "winners" in the birthing game. (I can't have my child read my blog later on in life and believe that I thought s/he was a loser.)

Congratulations, Jake and Daniele! And happy birthday Megan!

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Vanessa Rogers said...

That's very exciting for Danielle and Jake!! Girls are the best! But when John val jon claude pennycook ness is born, I might sing a different tune :)