Tuesday, March 09, 2010

March Madness

Spring is just around the corner. And apparently it's going to be a sharp turn because based on these pictures you definitely can't see Spring waiting just around the bend. These were taken last Friday when the weather was very winter wonderland-ish, as you can see. Saturday we left for Houston to look for a place to live. It (Saturday) was a spectacularly gorgeous day in SLC. Sunny, cool but not cold. The weekend in Houston was pretty rather wet but the temperatures were relatively cool. At least humidity is supposed to be better for your skin, right? We're currently in the airport in Houston on our way back to SLC where they're having another snow storm according to weather reports. March! You're a crazy son of a gun!

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Vanessa Rogers said...

It just snowed here as well. I'm still waiting for Spring too...I'm getting impatient!