Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Spring!

March 20th marked the first day of spring and that makes me very happy. The weather has been so nice. Granted, it did snow on Friday. But today the temperature got into the 60's!

Growing up in Texas I had never considered the proximity of spring to winter. In San Antonio spring is when the bluebonnets bloom. There might be a few cool days before the oppressive heat sets in but the frosts have long since thawed.

Here you can still see winter rearing it's frosty head through April, I am told. In fact in the mountains it can snow any day of the year. Yet all the renewals that spring brings are beginning to reveal themselves.

For example, the flowers above. I've noticed all week that our neighbors had buds blooming in front of their house. And today as I walked by I saw those fully bloomed daffodils! Those have got to be some of the most cheerful flowers! So naturally, Peter and I went lurking in their yard to take pictures.

Also, the light, oh my goodness all the daylight! The days are getting longer and with the help of the daylight savings time change it is still light at 7:15 pm!! For nearly the entire winter I went to work at 6:30 am in the dark and I came home at 5:30 pm in the dark. That dim existence didn't seem to bother me while I was in the midst of it. But my mood lifted noticeably when I began to occasionally see the light of day.

As a consequence of not frequently being in the sun, and also wearing long sleeves all winter, I am the whitest I have ever been. I am a rather pale girl in the first place but this is a new level of pale only reached by vampires and Casper the friendly ghost. But that's okay. Better white than melanoma, am I right? (You all know I love my sun protection!)

I love all the seasons, thank goodness they keep coming back around. Even in Texas, subtle as they may be.

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Vanessa Rogers said...

It snowed here yesterday as well! i am so ready for spring to actually be here. p.s. did I tell you I left you an award on my blog?