Tuesday, March 02, 2010


I feel like I'm posting stories about my husband on here like other people do about their children. Not that Peter is acting like a child but he has been making me laugh so much lately. I have no idea if anyone else thinks he's as funny as I do. Probably not. But anyways, the other day he was lounging on the bed in his pajamas on his laptop. I commented that I would like to have more pictures of us around the house. To which he replied seriously "Take a picture of me right now."

I had to clarify by "around the house" I meant on the walls and in picture frames, not pictures of us sitting around with our hair unkempt in our pajamas. He he.

Something else very random that I thought was funny: last night we were talking to our neighbors and I complemented their 3 year-old daughter on her lovely Ariel the Little Mermaid pajamas. She abruptly ran off saying she had something to show me. She came back with a Jasmine pajama top saying "This is Princess Jasmine and she's immodest." It was so cute! Jasmine is indeed immodest especially given traditional Arab garments like the burka and the veil. But a burka would make Jasmine look quite out of place amongst all of the other Disney princesses, wouldn't it? Can you picture that? Ariel in her shell bikini top, Cinderall in her ball gown and Jasmine in a burka. Maybe if the burka was pink they could make it work.

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Vanessa Rogers said...

You so funny Leslie! I miss you!