Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April Fools!

I think that this year's April Fools joke is that Spring has arrived in Utah. (Even though it's not quite April 1st) Judging by today's weather (in the 30's, gray, snowing) one would think that we were still in the dead of winter.

Each day I walk by my neighbor's garden and admire the cheerful new flowers that are blooming daily. But today they all have a fresh dusting of snow! It's such a contrast. I hope they survive because they make me so happy!

I've been writing a lot about the weather here lately, you might be growing weary of my musings. It's just that this idea of spring still being a cold, snowy time is a conundrum for those of us who were reared in the land of eternal summer!

So, here is a change of subject. I get a word of the day in my in box everyday. Last week one of the words was super fun, I thought. The word was matutinal.

I'll use it in a sentence: The thought of murdering Theodore crossed my mind one day last week when he was interrupting my matutinal slumber.
Theodore is nearly the perfect cat. But he has one flaw. And at times even that flaw is cute. He likes attention and likes to be around us. It's not so endearing, however, when he decides between the hours of 3 am and 7 am that he just can't stand to be outside of our room any longer. He begins meowing pitifully and clawing desperately at the door to get in.

Last week on my day off I was attempting to sleep in and he began to whine at the door. I was hoping he would eventually go away but he is one persistent feline! With each pitiful meow I grew angrier. Do I interrupt his long hours of sleep with my constant meowing?! Okay, sometimes, yes (not necessarily with constant meowing per say but occasionally I do have to interrupt his sleep. For example, when I must remove him from my pillow so that I can go to bed...) . BUT I have a full time job! He lives a life of leisure sometimes sleeping 18 hours a day! This behavior was so unjust. I did contemplate murder but then I simply decided to try to scare him away.

I hauled myself out of bed. (Not an easy feat these days with 20 extra pounds of progeny centered directly on my "getting out of bed" muscles.) I flung open the door and with wild gesticulations began yelling at him to go away. I saw a flash of fear in his eyes and then he scurried off down the hall. I slammed the door shut and crawled back into bed thinking that he would find something else to do in another part of the duplex.

No sooner than my head had nestled into the pillow than he was back at the door whining and pawing. Oy vey. So that pretty much finished my matutinal slumber.

Really, who could murder these two?!

Here's the definition of matutinal. You should use it in front of your friends and colleagues! They'll either think that you're very smart or a complete snob. Perhaps both. But no doubt a few of them will smile and nod having no idea what you just said.

P.S. For April Fools' Day we talked about telling people that we're going to name our baby Barack if it's a boy. But I didn't think we could pull it off. We're pretty terrible liars.


Vanessa Rogers said...

I have contemplated the same thing with my animals, that is when we had animals :(

Anonymous said...

...and how about "Oprah" if it's a girl??! Don

Erin said...

I have often thought that same exact thing about Sydney! But my thoughts were probably much much meaner than yours...

How are things going with the condo hunt?