Monday, February 15, 2010

We're just not *those* kinds of people

A few weeks ago Peter was stalling putting some of his clothes away from a clean clothes pile. I asked him why and he explained that they needed to be put through the dryer with a damp cloth to take out the wrinkles. They were button down shirts and had become a little crinkly. He didn't have time to put them through the dryer at that time so he was just leaving them on the floor (they had formerly been on the bed but then we had to sleep on the bed... you know how that goes). I then beseeched him to put them away anyways and offered to iron them later if he needed them to be ironed.

He looked at me and said very seriously, "Oh. I thought that was something we didn't do in our household."

I thought that was so funny! And, for the most part he's right. My main method of ironing is the damp cloth in the dryer method. Luckily I can get away with that because I wear scrubs to work. Unfortunately Peter sometimes looks a little less than perfectly pressed when he has to dress up for work (luckily he wears scrubs a lot too. God bless the medical field.). I really see no point in ironing. The clothes wrinkle when you wear them. And recently in one of my breastfeeding books they suggested that ironing (pointless for the same reason I mentioned) was one of the tasks that might need to be eschewed in favor of other, more pressing, duties in the first months with an infant (or perhaps month 1 through year 18 might be more like it). So, I doubt I'm going to take up ironing anytime soon. Thank goodness for the dryer!


Rachel said...

That is so funny. At one time, early in our marriage, I ironed all of my husband's clothes. Then I had a baby. I'm glad you are already gaining a good perspective on these things!

Robin and Don said...