Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ordinarily Peter and I don't really watch TV. Literally we might watch an hour per week, usually less. But in the past week I've easily watched 10 hours.

The Olympics. This happens every 2 years. I turn on the tv to watch figure skating (or gymnastics in the summer). But you can't just watch figure skating. Oh no. They suck you into 4 hours of competition by switching back and forth between sports. And then they give you all the dramatic hype about upcoming events so the next day you (and by you, I mean me) turn on the tv to watch whatever competition they were playing up the night before. And now I'm following everything from short track to alpine skiing. I didn't even know what short track was until last week! But wow, it's a crazy one. Very fun to watch.

And of course after hearing the hours of commentary, Peter and I are sitting on the couch making authoritative comments like "she really isn't hitting her tuck like she should be" or "that footwork was exquisite!" These words coming from people who didn't know who Lindsay Vonn was until 3 days ago.

It has been an exciting games if you haven't been keeping up. You still have time to watch some short track and skiing finals, ice dancing and women's figure skating. And there are probably lots of other things going on as well but there are only so many hours per week that I can devote to the olympics so those are the sports I'm going for!


Vanessa Rogers said...

I'm sad I'm missing it. I do see some of the events the koreans are competing in, but only when we are in a restaurant with a tv. We have been watching pbs on the internet though.

Erin said...

Totally watching the Olympics tonight just because of you.

Anonymous said...

Your mom has admitted to even learning (and watching!!) the exciting sport of curling. Unbelievable. Terry

J-Gro said...

I liked the snowboarding half-pipe! Shawn White is so amazing.

The first time I saw curling this year, I was in a restaurant and it was playing on the TV over the bar. I stopped mid-sentence and could not look away from the TV - it was too bizarre when they started sweeping. Poor Dena and Julie had their backs to the TV, and I think they got kind of frustrated with me breaking off conversation every 3 minutes to gape over their shoulders. But then I actually figured out the rules, and believe it or not, it's kind of entertaining! I readily admit to watching several days of it!