Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I encountered a pregnancy milestone last Friday at work. But first I wanted to tell another funny Peter story (the first being the one about his disbelief in my ironing).

To set this up you should know that Peter is as blind as a bat. Without his spectacles his world is reduced to a tilt-o-whirl of indistinct shapes and blurry objects. I, on the other hand don't wear contacts or glasses. So often I forget what he can and can't see when he doesn't have glasses or contacts to correct his vision. So the other day he dropped his glasses. I was sitting in the chair at our desk and I saw immediately where they were. So I began to rotate the desk chair and roll slightly backwards to retrieve them. He panicked and began urgently entreating me not to make any sudden movements. I was a little puzzled by his reaction- I was just trying to pick up his glasses for him. Then I realized that he couldn't see exactly where the glasses were and thought I was going to roll over them with the chair. What a dilemma, not being able to see to pick up your own glasses! So I reassured him, "Peter, it's okay. I can make sudden movements. I can see." Please God, let the baby inherit my vision. :o)

My pregnancy milestone: Friday a stranger, a patient's wife, asked me when my baby was due. This is significant because no one who hasn't known about me being pregnant has ever commented on it or asked about it. It's hard to tell that I'm pregnant at work because I wear scrubs- which is so delightful. Scrubs were made for pregnant women, I think. There might be a lot of people who have suspected but didn't dare say anything. But this woman was very sure of herself. She didn't even ask if I was pregnant, she just came right out and asked when the baby was due. So, for those of you who keep telling my mother that I don't look very pregnant in my pictures- here's proof, I look pregnant! It's fun. But also a little scary because I feel like I'm getting bigger every moment and I have a lot of moments left to go.

Speaking of pregnancy, last night in Olympic ice dancing there was a competitor from France who had a baby in October (OCTOBER!!) and is competing this month, February (FEBRUARY!!), in the Olympics. So four months after my baby is born, which will be September, I should be able to do.... what? Keep the house clean? Shower regularly? I've heard that bathing can take a back seat in those heady newborn days. But if she can go to the Olympics surely I can at least shower consistently, right? (Right?!)

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Anonymous said...

Maybe Peter wants to be an eye doctor because he can empathise with us blind bats. Leslie you will probably be running in a marathon after 4 months of motherhood. We love you, Mom and Dad