Saturday, February 06, 2010

Fashion Show Gravid Style

Warning: Blatant narcissism ahead.

I've been at it again. And by "it" I mean saving a lot of money by thrift shopping at DI (Utah's Goodwill). Since I first found out I was pregnant I've been going to a couple of the stores regularly and scouring the maternity racks. I have found such cute things! And I've paid between $1-$5 per item! You guys, I cannot explain how much I love thrift shopping. It makes me so happy. It might border on illness. Perhaps an addiction. Oh well, that is neither here nor there. The point is that I have acquired a lot of maternity clothes at ridiculously low prices. To the extent that I have commanded Peter to forbid me from going back to DI unless I find myself having outgrown everything I own or at least until April. Whichever comes first. It is very gratifying to spend so little money on maternity clothes. Because, while they are necessary, they are only worn for such a short time. Anyways here are some of my favorites:

This skirt is so cute and I don't think it has ever been worn because when I bought it, it still had its original tags.

Belly shot. I think this makes me look slightly bigger than I actually am (still have 1 pair of non maternity jeans that fit!). I'll be 27 weeks tomorrow. Everyone says I'm "really starting to pop out there". Which has to be one of the top phrases heard by every pregnant woman.

Back to DI, I'm actually very sad to be leaving Utah because I will miss it so much. For other reasons too, of course. But you would not believe the selection of clothes they have there that are so cute and cheap! I don't think I've been to a Goodwill in Texas that was quite as exciting as DI here. I will have to look around when we get back. But now I've gotten spoiled by buying name brands for $2.

I had another ultrasound yesterday to try to confirm due dates. The baby was being so charming! S/he was yawning and sucking his/her thumb. So adorable! I also learned that the baby's little bottom was nestled under my right ribs. Which I suspected because I have felt constant prodding there. As far as the due date (as if a due date really means much of anything...), it will probably be pushed back a week or so. Which I've already mentally prepared myself for. In fact I started counting my weeks according to the later due date they gave me after the 1st U/S. So, we're looking more and more at an early/mid May delivery. All I have to say is that I hope that I have at least a few weeks between the delivery and the cross-country moving expedition with an infant and two cats (one of whom chewed her way out of a cat carrier on a 10 minute drive to the vet. That does not bode well for a 24 hour drive, does it?!).


Erin said...

Leslie! You are too cute!!! I too have the thrift shop illness and have been spoiled by the superior Goodwill here in Rochester (they have new stuff from Target ALL the time!) - I feel like they probably know my name when I come in the door. At least we aren't addicted to high-end retail! Love the belly!

Vanessa Rogers said...

I'm telling you Leslie, you would DIE that goodwill we found in lubbock!! Can you put up pictures of the little growing tike.

Beth said...

I'm jealous by your thrift store finds! I haven't really look around at any here in Birmingham, though. Maybe I should get out and go shopping!

You look so cute pregnant, BTW.