Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The big 3-0

Thirty weeks pregnant this weekend! Here is a picture:

I'm still feeling really good. I have not yet begun to experience any of the potential discomforts that the third trimester often brings (heart burn, swelling, fatigue, waking up many times per night to pee etc...). Though I have started to move differently. I catch myself waddling every now and then. Getting up out of bed in the morning or even getting out of a chair often elicits a groan. Bending over and tying my shoes will soon become a thing of the past. I don't know who will tie my shoes but wow, it is getting really uncomfortable to get to my feet.

I'm still working full time and hoping to hang in there until I go into labor. I'm also still exercising regularly. I either swim or do the elliptical. I haven't jogged since November. I know some people can keep going even heavily pregnant but I just couldn't. I felt like my bladder was getting pummeled and that things might fall out (which I doubt would have happened but that's an uncomfortable feeling, nonetheless). I hope I can get back into it after the baby is born.

Almost every free moment I have (that I haven't spent watching the Olympics) I'm reading books about birth, breastfeeding and babies. So, I'm pretty sure that I'll be an expert come May. (Ha! Could not be more kidding about that...)

I've been having frequent moments of panic. The baby could come anywhere between 37 and 42 weeks. Well, actually the baby could come anytime but hopefully will stay safely en utero until at least 37 weeks. But that means I could have a baby in less than two months!! Two months! That's like a nanosecond in the scheme of a lifetime! Though, mentally I've prepared myself to be pregnant until May 20th- at which point my midwife would induce for being 2 weeks overdue. So, It could be another three months which would give me more time to pack the house but also more uncomfortable nights having to get up to pee (which I assume I will be doing at some point...).

Thankfully, everything has been very healthy and easy thus far! It still really doesn't seem real. Even though I have bouts of panic mostly I'm still cloaked in a nice haze of expectation and waiting. I'm in a world where things are still relatively normal and calm and quiet. And even though I know that 7-12 weeks will pass quickly it's still far enough away for me to be blissfully cushioned from the reality that will be the turning-upside-down of my life. (Turning upside down in a good way, but upside down nonetheless.)


Vanessa Rogers said...

You are looking so good! You don't look like your gaining weight in other areas. You don't look fat at all, just pregnant.

Peter and Leslie said...

lol, thanks Vanessa!

J-Gro said...


i second vanessa, you do look good!

I'm getting caught up on your blog, can you tell? :)